List of pre installed apps in Apple Watch 2015: Buit in Apps

About Most of the apple watch apps aware all the folks, who daily interacting on iPhone, iPad apps, But in the case of apple watch app quite different. Don’t mind, but apple design the entire apps user interface very beautiful. Using pre installed apps in apple watch you can control all the apps which you are using for iOS device, and also take same action inside the tiny option icon and finger touch.

Let’s know which apps are very useful on your new device and for easy life.

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List of pre installed apps in Apple Watch and Usage, Functionality: How to use

Receive and End call

Deliver incoming calls from iPhone to Apple Watch by using inbuilt microphone and speaker functionality. From your hand you can mute call or stop (Disconnect) call by overlaying other hand on apple watch screen.

Read, Reply and Delete message

Quickest way to reply Message from apple Watch, Send current location, animated emoji, Voice in reply by single click on reply button.

Get Email Notification, Read and Reply Mail

Access all mail by swapping down and up, Apple perfectly action on Mail as Unread, Delete and Forward from same screen.

Pay With Apple Watch “Apple Pay”

Make secure payment from your watch after setup apple pay on Apple Watch from your iPhone running on iOS 8. Apply Pay app gives option to set default payment card and swap it on regional store where apple pay payment available.


Manage day’s for upcoming days, Set alert or reminder notification on particular days and Edit already set calendar events and remove.

Track Daily Activity

Activity Apple Watch app Measure all the activity on Calls duration, Total calls and Messages conversations. Also called 3 Activity rings

Measure Workout: Care your fit Body

Measure your workout during when you’re outside the door by running distance, Cycling and Walking distance cover by you on exercise time.

Online: Map

Map apps giving option for find perfect place near to famous place. Also gives turn by turn guide from your current location to destination address. You can also search with famous place on Map.

Save Passbooks and Access

Manage all Credit card or debit card when you are using apple pay in apple Watch. Also track balance and Tickets, Boarding passes and more.

Get all the Siri features in Apple’s Wearable device

Apple also include Siri as preinstalled apps, Now watch will guide on siri app when you talk with apple watch. Ex: Start from hay siri to launch it and Send your query “Call eddy”, In result watch call this person.

Music Player:

Entertain every place own self by playing music, Note that watch also giving 8GB storage capacity. You can also stream music from iPhone to watch over the Bluetooth connection.

Capture video or picture from iPhone’s Camera

Take snap in apple watch, Turn iSight camera on iPhone and see live preview on Apple Watch. From the remote place you can click own apple watch and Save photo.

Control other Apple Device remotely

Control apps will allow permission to access your other apple Device remotely over the Wi-Fi network. Just turn side digital crown and move one device to another. Using this built in Apple Watch app you can control Apple TV, iTunes radio from Mac and PC.

Stock and Weather apps

Get current live stock and weather result inside particular apps. Also get stock history and boost your stock analysis over the time.

Watch photos on: Photos app

Brows photo on retina display, Give zoom effect through digital crown and easy to swipe for next photo.

Time base apps: Alarm, Stop Watch, Timer

All useful time base app helps in time management, set multiple alarm and easy to manage it.

World Clock

Easy to know current time when you outside you country, Feel free and move over the globe on perfect time and specific zone.

Settings App

Apple Watch Setting app gives option for enable or disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Airplane mode. Do not disturb functionality will alert on if you misplace iPhone on wrong place accidentally.

Amazing wide option as pre installed apps in Apple Watch in apple’s first wearable device. Try everywhere, every think from your Apple Pay using Official apple Watch app and Upcoming 3rd party apple watch apps like tesla.