Low battery warning does not display on Mac: Yosemite

Many Mac users have problem of low battery warning does not display on their Mac Notebook screen such as, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and iMac etc. this kind of problem occur due to disable Show battery status in Menu bar of your System. Don’t frustrate dear reader, I’ve way to solve that which is I’m going to share here how to enable battery status menu item in Macbook. Follow beneath given steps; hope it’ll become easy to understand for you. This way allow for both, new OS X Yosemite and old OS X Mavericks.

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Steps on Low battery warning does not display on Mac Notebook: Yosemite

Step 1. Open ‘’System Preferences…’’ on your Mac Notebook

System preference give all setting related to Mac
From apple menu – System preference

Step 2. Click on Energy saver Settings

Under the energy sever app in yosemite
Setting for Energy saver Yosemite System tool

Step 3. Now, checked “Enable Show battery Status in Menu bar

to show status, enable battery status - on Low battery warning does not display
enable battery status

Here, tick in to the check box to display the battery status menu item.

That’s it. Now you’ll get warning when your Mac battery drain level at least 15 to 10 percent Powers remaining. Your processer a step of Low battery warning does not display on Mac Notebook is complete here.

Occasionally, Some Mac users have trouble, when Mac has been connected to power adepter up to long time for full charge Mac battery However, Mac Notebook battery not charge to 100%. And battery gives alert to stop charging between 93 to 99 percent. Indeed this performance is not a problem but it’ll help you to overall life of battery.

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  • Tracy Hudak

    Thanks for posting this! My issue is that my system preference ARE correctly set up, but my macbook pro (OS 10.9.5) often does not give me low battery warning and turns off. Do you have any experience with this issue?