1 Low call volume on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus Low Call Volume during Call or Low on Music

New iPhone 7 and 7 Plus users reported volume problem on incoming call, low call volume doesn’t stick anytime but wrong settings and volume level may arise problem for you. That’s we didn’t know. So many iPhone users are using Bluetooth Headphone or Airpod/ Airpod Alternatives available in the market. That deliver best quality sound on Call, Music without hassled of speaker mode or Worry about carrying iPhone in hand. But some users are not happy to spend more money on precious today’s smart-gadget by Apple.

As we know apple improved hardware performance and software in new iPhone 7/ 7 Plus. So also in sound quality with unique auto purify incoming sound when the caller is on call.

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Troubleshooting: Low call volume on iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus


Adjust volume level on-call time: Fix iPhone 7 receiver volume low

4 Adjust call volume on call time from iPhone 7 and 7 Plus (1)

When you are on call we can adjust it during call time only. Otherwise or on Other screen volume button worked for iPhone’s system sound or ringtone. See my iPhone screen, that we can adjust caller volume during an incoming/ outgoing call. Inside iPhone settings, there is not an option for a specific call like ringtone/ Text/ Notification, Music sound level.

12 Quick Fixes to Increase Low Call Volume on iPhone 7/7 Plus

  1. Update iOS to Latest Version, Becuase new Software upgrade comes with new features and internal software bugs. [Settings > General > Software Update]
  2. Increase call volume during call time [Use Side volume up button during call time only, So this button function works for increase call volume, not a system volume]
  3. Change with side button: Manage Your iPhone volume using the side button, if you are unable to change or use the Volume button then check out this setting. Settings > Sound & Haptics > Enable Toggle Change with Buttons and that’s it.
  4. Turn off Bluetooth: On iOS, device bluetooth is too much smart, So the nearby used device will automatically connect when it found. Settings > Bluetooth > Turn off
  5. Enable Phone noise cancellation: Noise cancellation purify all the background unwanted sound in traffic or public place. But sometime it can’t so we can check with the both enable/Disable option. Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Enable/disable Phone noise cancellation.Enable Phone Noise Cancellation on iPhone 11 (Pro Max)
  6. Hearing Air mode: Hearing Aid settings improves the audio quality with some hearing aids that is compatible with Apple iPhone and iPad. Go to the Settings > Accessibility > Hearing Devices > Enable Hearing Aid Compatibility.
  7. Call Audio Routing: No Sound on Earpeace speaker during the call, Check this setting – Settings > Touch > Call Audio Routing > Set to Automatic. The other two options here fixes the call always comes on headphones or speakers.
  8. Blow inside speaker: remove Dust or Chemical debris from the top ear speaker using your mouth air blow. Or use Soft Toothbrush to clean the speaker hole.
  9. Random test: Problem with another phone during call time. so I recommend trying with your friend or Family phone.
  10. Reset all settings: Reset settings to default, Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.
  11. Music Volume low: Settings > Music > EQ > Late Night
  12. Apple Support: Apple Genious bar is ready to help you. if the device is under warranty and the problem is related to hardware then get free iPhone replacement from apple under apple’s terms and conditions.


Restart or Reboot iPhone

Simply restart or Force Restart your iPhone 7, 7 Plus. To restart it, Press Sleep/ Wake button until you show Slide to power off on Screen,

  • iPhone 7 Plus Force restart/ Reboot: Volume down + Home button until your screen become black. Restart iPhone 7 Plus changed compare to iPhone 7.

Reboot or Restart operation reconfigure all the functions, iPhone volume button stuck, Miss matched control and more.

Some users can’t believe the weird sound problem on iPhone 7 because the experience was good till today.

Also Mark

Make sure and tell them if you feel Incoming caller sound talking from distance.

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