Can’t Connect to Mac App Store Ventura, Sonoma (Fixed)

Are you frustrated with the issue of “Cannot connect to App Store on Mac with Mac” on Mac after the update? And it looks like an error connecting your Mac to the Apple server. A remarkable update for the Mac’s App Store is now on macOS. The completely redesigned app store is the #1 experience.

Let’s see my past tutorial on How to enable automatic software Updates on macOS that auto-fix software issues with new updates auto-install on Mac.

Have you ever before received a blank screen saying Can’t connect to App Store in macOS? Then I believe you solved the problem with a few simple tricks. And I do think you aren’t panicking and ready to fix can’t connect to the app store on Mac.

Probably the problem arises due to old cache files and some malfunctioning elements. Before fixing can’t connect to the app store in macOS, you should check some requirements to run an app store. Please note that if you are facing this error in MacBook Air, iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, and MacBook, then you can fix it by following these tips.

There are many Mac users noticed issues and submitted problems on Apple supports like this:

Why does it say Cannot connect to the App Store on Mac?

Quick Look that Fixes:

  1. Check the internet connection by connecting different devices to the wireless network.
  2. Once disconnect internet connection and re-connect again. Switch to Another Network or Use iPhone Hotspot.
  3. Check whether the App Store isn’t down or Check Apple System Status, it might be possible that Apple is upgrading, and so Mac App Store is under maintenance.
  4. Shut down Mac and, wait for a few seconds and restart it.
  5. Force quit the Mac App Store and again launch it by holding the Shift key. If it works for you, then update the Mac App Store.
  6. Disable Antivirus for once (ignore if you don’t have antivirus) and check if App Store is working on Mac or not.

Solution #1. Check the Date & Time of your Mac

Check the Date & Time. If they aren’t correctly set up, then it might be possible that Mac App Store won’t connect to Mac.

On MacOS Ventura

Step #1: Go to the Apple Logo > System Settings.
Step #2: Click on General > Date & Time.

Date and Time Settings on Mac to Fix App Store Error
Date and Time Settings on Mac to Fix App Store Error

Step #3: And Enable “Set time and date automatically“.

Set Date and Time Automatically on Mac
Set Date and Time Automatically on Mac

On MacOS Monterey & Earlier

  • Step #1: Click the “Apple Logo” icon and open “System Preferences.”
  • Step #2: Now, tap on “Date & Time.”

Solution #2. Check Apple System Status Page

It might be possible that you are not the only person with Can’t Connect to the App Store macOS Ventura. This possibility can only be true when App Store is down due to maintenance or bugs. You can check the Apple System Status Page to determine the availability of the Mac App Store.

Solution #3. Sign In to App Store on Mac

If you still can’t connect to Mac App Store, and App Store is not downloading apps on your Mac, the recommended Fix is to Sign Out app store, restart the Mac, and then Sign In with the Apple ID. This will quickly remove if the Apple ID is causing any issues while downloading Apps on Mac.

  1. Launch the App Store and click Store on the menu bar.
  2. Click Sign Out.
  3. Next, click on the App Store and then Quit App Store.
  4. Restart your Mac, open the App Store, and again Select Store to Sign In.

Solution #4. Delete App Store Preferences from Mac

App Store Preferences can be somewhat called the cache files of the Mac App Store, which is used to make App Store faster, but it can create numerous issues like this. Sometimes, deleting them is the only solution to bring back the functionality of the program and in your case, it may fix App Store Not Working on Mac problem.

Step 1: Launch the Finder. Click Go and select Go to Folder.

Go to folder on Mac finder
Go to folder on Mac finder

Step 2: Type the following path, ~/Library/Caches/ and Go.

~/Library/Caches folder on Mac
~/Library/Caches folder on Mac

Now find the following files and move them to the Trash.

View all Caches folder on Mac
View all Caches folder on Mac
  • apple.appstore
  • apple.applestoreagent
  • storeaccount
  • storeassets
  • storedownload
  • storeinapp

Next, type the path as you’ve done earlier, ~/Library/Containers/ and click Go and delete the files as mentioned below.


Find the Below files, and Delete them…

  • apple.storeagent.plist
  • apple.commerce.plist
  • apple.appstore.plist

Solution #5. Disable Digital Certificate Assurance EV root on Mac

Follow this solution on your Mac, Disable the digital certificate on your Mac and test.

Step 1: Open Finder on Mac, and Click on Applications > Utilities.

Open Utilities folder on Mac
Open Utilities folder on Mac

Step 2: Now, Open Keychain Access.

open keychain access on mac
open keychain access on mac

Step 3: Next, From the keychain window, select System Tools under the Keychains and All Items under the Categories section.

Open Digi Certificate from System root on Mac
Open Digi Certificate from System root on Mac

Now on the Next side, Double click on Digicert High Assurance EV Root CA.

Never Trust Digi Certificate on Mac
Never Trust Digi Certificate on Mac

Under the Trust Section,  Select Never Trust under the When Using this certificate. That’s it.

After that, restart the Mac, and revert the changes.

Solution #6. Delete the DB file from the Mac cache folder

First of all, find the Cache folder on your MacBook Mac computer. The folder path is complex, so follow the below command,

  1. Open Finder on Mac.
  2. Next, From the top Mac menu > Go > Go to Folder…
  3. Enter this command: /var/db/crls/ and Click on Go.
  4. Here you will see the db file names: “crlcache.db” and “ocspcache.db
Clear DB Cache on Mac
Clear DB Cache on Mac

Move this file into the Trash folder. And Restart your Mac. Now, check the Apple Store on Mac working as expected. That’s it.

Solution #7. Update Mac to Latest Software Version

Check which version of macOS you are using. If there is an update available, then update it.

Step 1: Go to the Apple Logo from the top menu > System Settings.

Step 2: Find and Tap on General > Software Update > Download and Install pending software update on your Mac.

Useful for you: Turn on Automatic Software Update on Mac.

Fix 7: Make sure the Internet Connection is Live

To use Mac App Store, your Mac must be connected to an internet connection, or it will show a “You Are Not Connected to the Internet” error. So if you are receiving the same error line, your Mac’s internet connection might be slow or not working. To cross-check it, open the Safari Browser and load any website. If it works perfectly, you must move to the next Fix.

Meanwhile, try these tricks;

  1. Switch to different Wi-Fi networks or connect broadband Cable to Mac.
  2. Restart your Wi-Fi Modem or Router.
  3. Turn Off VPN, if it is active.
  4. If none of them works, contact your INS.

Fix 10: Check the Firewall Settings on your Mac

The Firewall settings on your Mac are set to protect the system from threats and enhance security. However, it can also cause an issue when any wrong option is selected, so you must check one and verify the following settings to fix the App Store Not Working on macOS MacBook Pro.

On MacOS Monterey & Earlier

  1. Navigate to the System Preferences.
  2. Go to Security & Privacy.
  3. Open Firewall.
  4. You may need to click on the Lock icon at the bottom and enter an Administrator password to change settings on the Firewall.
  5. Check the box of Automatically allow built-in software to receive incoming connections.

On MacOS Ventura

Step 1: Go to the Apple Logo from the top menu > System Settings.


Step 2: Next, Open Network Settings > Click on Firewall.


Step 3: Click on Options.


Step 4: If Firewall is enabled on Mac, Turn on “Automatically allow built-in software to receive incoming connections” and Click Ok to apply the changes.


That’s it.

Fix 11: Clear the Firewall Cache on your Mac

If the Firewall settings are already correct, then try to delete the Firewall cache of the Mac. Don’t worry. The Firewall will create a new cache automatically.

  1. Launch Finder.
  2. Click Go > Go to Folder.
  3. Type the path, /var/db/crls/, and click Go.
  4. Once you entered the location, find the following files and move them to Trash.
  • crlcache.db
  • ocspcache.db
  1. If asked, enter the Administrator password and delete them.

Fix 12: Try your Mac in Safe Mode

Try restarting Mac in Safe Mode, this may fix the Mac can’t connect to App Store error. Turn off the Mac and then power on. Immediately press and hold the Shift button until the login screen appears.

Now try to use the Mac App Store.

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