List of Mac OS X 10.12 Supported Devices

List of Mac OS X 10.12 Supported Devices: Apple macOS Sierra

Here everything you need to know about Mac OS X 10.12 supported devices. Apple WWDC June 2016 keynote wrapped up with the lots of excitement of new Operating Systems. therein, Apple has announced latest version of Mac OS X called ‘’macOS Sierra’’, iOS 10, WatchOS 3 and tvOS for Apple TV 4th generation. Apple claims that the upcoming macOS Sierra is the world’s more powerful desktop operating system and that’s available public in fall 2016 . We are showing you here Apple Mac OSX 10.12 supported devices list (MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac & Mac Mini).

Are you want to make you mac more better than ever? Then let’s look here given features of macOS Sierra and it’s supported devices list. You should have at least knowledge about your desktop or laptop hardware configuration because all software can’t support with the latest available operating system.

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Know Mac OS X 10.12 Supported Devices with Apple macOS Sierra features

macOS Sierra Features Preview Mac OS X 10.12

Overview of macOS Sierra Features Preview:

Siri in macOS Sierra – A new wave on your bigger screen desktop/laptop

After the millions of iOS users positive feedback, Apple provides Siri supports for all Macs. it comes embedded in macOS Sierra pack. so at all, now Apple Mac users will get a delicious test in the form of Personal assistance Siri on Mac. Yes, Siri will make your Mac machine even more smart than ever before.

Apple Pay

Apple’s secure mobile payment Apple Pay is now available for more devices such as all Macs supports with OS X 10.12. The Web. Now accepting the easiest and safest way to pay.

Auto Unlock with Apple Watch

You have an Apple Watch then you can also log in your Mac before you even sit down.

Optimized Storage – Storage Space maxed out?

When you need more space, let you Mac find it for you.

iCloud Drive

Your Desktop and Documents folder. Accessible on all your devices.

Universal Clipboard

Copy on one device. Paste on another.

Therefore, if you’re a Mac owner and want to use macOS Sierra features then you need to upgrade your Mac OS. Even before getting any error or disappointment during download and install, please make confirm your Apple laptop or desktop is compatibility with latest OS X Edition. The list of OS X 10.12 supported devices is announced by Apple.List of Mac OS X 10.12 Supported Devices

  • MacBook (late 2009 and later).
  • iMac (late 2009 and later).
  • MacBook Air (late 2010 and later).
  • MacBook Pro (late 2010 and later).
  • Mac Mini (late 2010 and later).
  • Mac Pro (late 2010 and later).

So above all are the Mac OS X 10.12 Supported Devices. if your Mac model name doesn’t appear in the list, however, you want to work with the latest, trusted and secure software technology of the world. You should buy a new Mac for it. Source: Apple

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