Mac OS X EI Capitan features: Safari, Photos, Notes, Mail

🗓️ November 10, 2020 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelThis is the round up of Mac OS X EI Capitan features such as Safari, Photos, Notes and Mail apps. Apple has announced next Mac OX 10.11 in last WWDC 2015. New OS X upgrade is coming with some few extra ordinary functions in Safari Browser, Photos app, Notes app and useful Mail app. with these apps you can also read there are many other features of OS X EI Capitan [OS X 10.11].

Read in deepen about Safari, Photos, Notes and Mail app of OS X EI Capitan at below. Therefore you can know more before getting upgrade of Mac OS X EI Capitan. However, Final OS X 10.11 is coming in this fall.

Very Useful Mac OS X EI Capitan features: Safari, Photos, Notes, Mail

Safari browser: A powerful searching browser for the web. You will get few built-in functions in Safari web browser in OS X EI Capitan.

Pinned function to keep your favorite Website handyPinned function to keep your favorite Website handy

You can keep your favorite Website pinned to open and fast accessible. Like Facebook Page, Webmail, Twitter Feed, or your blog. Make easily accessible, up to date by pinning them. They’ll stay active in background and they will put on the left side of your tab.

Get Air Play on Safari

With OS X EI Capitan you can share your web video through AirPlay without sharing your entire Mac/PC Screen. You can play a Webpage video on your TV with Apple TV. Keep remember Airplay icon appears wherever web videos compatibles with AirPlay. At all, you can watch Video on your Big TV Screen.

You can do Mute All audio tab at onceYou can do Mute All audio tab at once on safari mac os x 10.11

Now you can do mute the music without hunting for the tab it’s coming from. This feature you can see right from the Smart Search field. This feature is customize you can mute single tab or get silence by doing all tab mute. Really this is the cool Mac OS X EI Capitan features.

Photos: Good news for Photo EditorsMac OS X EI Capitan features:  Photos

This is the good news for Photo editors because Apple’s next Mac OS X EI Captain supports third party photo editing tools that will be available from the Mac App Store and now accessible right in the photos app.

You can apply your pick developer extensions and will be give a new form to your image like color, background and more. Ultimately, you can take your photo editing skill in whole new level.

Everything in its Place concept of Mac OS X EI Capitan features

Similarly Mac OS X Yosemite, Photos app has been designed fine so you can easily manage library. You can add a location to a single image or to an entire album. Naming your favorite people faces very fast with a streamlined Workflow. You can make your albums sort as well contents inside them through date, time and more.

Notes: coming with new design in OS X 10.11Mac OS X EI Capitan features: Notes

OS X EI Capitan coming with new Notes app and its supports iCloud so you get your Mac notes on your iPhone or other iOS devices very easy. Notes app is a really great app to jot down a quick thought and keep track of it for later.

You can save content from other apps on notes app is now possible. You can save content just click the share button to save items to exiting notes or even create new ones.

A much usable feature now available in Notes app

Want to create a checklist in notes app, then it’s possible in it. You create a wonder to-do lists, wish list, or grocery list with bullets with a single click. You can check off items as you complete them. In addition, you can add URL, a photo, Video, or Map location to a note.

You can use the new attachment browser to see everything in one place. Now, you can keep you notes in one simple view using new attachment browser. You can sort through Documents, Photo, Video, Map Locations, Website, and Audio without having to remember which note you put them in. just Click an items and go directly to its note. Indeed this is an attractive Mac OS X EI Capitan features.

Mail: Full Screen Support and Swipe gestures  

In OS X Yosemite sometime trouble with full screen Mail app, but it’s improved in Mac OS X EI Capitan and a beautiful Swipe gestures. You can keep you Calendar and Contacts up to date, right from Mail app inbox.

In OS X EI Capitan, The email message you are composing now slides to the bottom of the screen, so you can easily access your Mail inbox. It’s perfect for copying text or attachments between messages. Manage multiple email threads, you can switch between them with easy-to use tab.

Swipe gestures to manage your Mail inboxMac OS X EI Capitan features:  mail app Full Screen Support and Swipe gestures

Now you can mark and e-mail as read or unread by Swiping right side. Moreover, if you want to delete an e-mail then Swipe left side.

In Mac OS X EI Capitan features, there are two new languages supports Chinese and Japanese.  Mac OS X EI Capitan features two new languages supports Chinese and JapaneseSo Mac becomes even more fluent. These both languages come with new system fonts and improved input method.

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