macOS Monterey Release Date For Public Users

Get the details of WWDC21, macOS Monetary release date for Public users, iOS 15 release date, features on MacOS 12.

Are you excited to get hands-on with the newest macOS 12 (macOS Monterey)? Read on the post to know the macOS Monterey Beta 1 release and download expected date for Developers and the Public. WWDC21 Event will likely be starting from June 7, 2021, and this four days’ event covers a lot about iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and macOS. We’re expecting Apple to release the following major software updates, iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS monetary.

Of course, the iOS 15 will take up more spotlight than others, though, like macOS 11, this fall again Apple could bring drastic changes for Mac, MacBook by introducing macOS monetary software update. Therefore, it’s not only iOS 15, but the macOS monetary is also the one for which Apple fans are hyped.

macOS monetary Expected Release Date for Public Users

The next major question is when macOS monetary will arrive? If we’re right, the WWDC21 will start on June 7, 2021, and the same day, Apple will release the developer beta for the users who own the developer account. Later after a few days, beta 1 will be rolled out for the public, and this chain will continue to run for a couple of weeks.

MacOS Monetary Developer Beta is available now:

MacOS Monetary Public Beta is available soon in next month [July 2021]

Download macOS Developer Beta from your Developer login [Otherwise open in just $99/Year]


Open the Setup file and follow the on-screen process.


If we see the past year’s records of software update releases, from developer beta 1 release and public beta 1 release, we’ll receive different beta versions for almost three months in a bi-weekly period of time. If anything goes wrong with a major function, Apple might release a fix anytime.

At Glance- Mac OS Monterey release Date for Public Users Worldwide

Apple’s recent Keynote had Over on the 14th of September with the announcement of new handset iPhone 13 Series and a new Apple watch series 7. But everything is not announced in an event, if I take about the macOS Monterey release date then that is not announced. So if we look at the last year, macOS Big Sur was released on the 12th of November 2020 for the Public users. if so, This year Apple Will use the same time frame then Upcoming macOS Monterey version will be come on 20 November 2021 and it will be two months delay than Apple smartphone iOS 15 and tablet’s iPadOS 15.

According to Apple’s website page, macOS Monterey preview, Apple mentioned macOS Monterey coming this Fall it means later this year on November 2021.

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What is macOS 12 called?

Apple gives the next macOS 12 name is macOS monetary. As the Rumors say if macOS monetary will come with major changes compared to Big Sur, the name macOS monetary put into the pipeline with small improvements, a name is macOS Monterey. Here’s macOS Monterey Supported Devices List.

So what name would you like to speak macOS Monterey? Please shoot out in the comment box below.

Share your thoughts, expected features, what do you want with the new iOS 15, macOS monetary, and more with us in the comments.

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