Magoshare: A Full Data Recovery Solution for Mac Review

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An advanced data recovery tool is of utmost importance in this data-driven world. It ensures your corrupted or formatted data is restored without any data loss. Magoshare full data recovery solution is such a comprehensive tool that provides Mac users with a safety net for their sensitive data.

This software is designed to recover lost, deleted, or formatted data. Whether it’s due to accidental deletion, storage corruption, hard drive failure, or a system crash, the loss of data can be a nightmare. This is where data recovery software like Magoshare steps in. 

It allows you to restore photos, videos, voice memos, documents, emails, and more in a few clicks from storage media devices. With this wide range of use cases, Magoshare become one of the most popular data recovery solutions. That’s why our experts have prepared this Magoshare data recovery review for you. Go through now to shield your personal data across your systems. 

What is Magoshare?

Magoshare is a brand that offers a range of software solutions, but we’ll focus on its data recovery software for Mac. Magoshare data recovery for Mac ensures your important data is never lost for good. Whether it’s a simple accidental deletion or a more complex data loss scenario, this software is equipped to handle it. Magoshare can be used for recovering small as well as large files, folders, media, and more. The best part is that Magoshare offers 100% online protection with SSL. Hence, all your data will be safeguarded during restoration, irrespective of what network you are using.

What Does Magoshare Data Recovery Software Do?

Magoshare data recovery software does exactly what its name suggests: it recovers your lost data. You can retrieve files like photos, videos, documents, and more. It can retrieve data from a wide array of storage devices, from your Mac’s internal drive to external hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, and even digital cameras.

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It specializes in:

  • Recovery of Deleted Files: If you accidentally delete a critical document. Magoshare can recover it with ease.
  • Retrieval from Formatted Drives: If you’ve mistakenly formatted your hard drive, worry not. Magoshare can help to restore your data.
  • Raw Data Recovery: It securely recovers raw data and can rescue inaccessible and damaged data from your hard drive, SSD, or external storage devices.
  • Comprehensive Data Recovery: Magoshare covers many data loss causes, including system crashes, malware, logical errors, power failures, and more.

Features of Magoshare Data Recovery Software

Magoshare Data Recovery Software offers a robust set of features designed to help users recover lost or deleted data efficiently. Here’s an in-depth look at its key features:

Data Recovery

Magoshare excels at recovering deleted or lost data from your hard drive and storage media. You can recover deleted or lost audio or video, documents, emails, and other files. Magoshare can help you retrieve your data lost at any point in time in a few clicks.

Recovery of Lost Partitions

Sometimes, partitions on your hard drive can get lost or become inaccessible. Magoshare can recover lost hard drive partitions, ensuring that you don’t lose all existing data on it.

User-Friendly Interface

Magoshare’s software comes with a user-friendly UI. Its interface is intuitive, making it accessible to both tech-savvy and novice users.

Raw Recovery

When data is severely damaged or inaccessible, Magoshare supports raw data recovery. This tool is developed to rescue data that may not be recoverable by standard methods.

Wide File Type Support

The software is not limited to specific file types. It can recover a variety of data, including documents, photos, videos, audio files, archives, emails, and other types of files. Hence, you can retrieve a broad range of data with a single software.

Preview Function 

Magoshare allows users to preview recoverable files before initiating the recovery process. This feature is useful to ensure that you’re restoring the right files.

Secure and Efficient Recovery

Your data’s safety is a top priority for Magoshare. It ensures that the recovery process is both secure and efficient, so you can trust that your data remains intact.

Comprehensive Solution

Whether data loss is due to a system crash, virus infection, logical errors, power failures, or OS upgrades, Magoshare covers different data loss scenarios, ensuring you can recover your files in various situations.

How To Use Magoshare Data Recovery?

Using Magoshare Data Recovery Software is straightforward. You start by selecting the Mac’s location to scan, initiate the scan, and then preview and recover your lost files. It’s a user-friendly tool that streamlines the recovery process.

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Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use it:

1. First, click here to download Magoshare data recovery software for Mac.

Magoshare data recovery tool

2. Now, install it and launch the software on your device.
3. Select the driver location from where you want to recover the data.

Select Drive for magoshare data recovery

4. Next, click the “Scan” button to start the scanning process. Magoshare will thoroughly scan the selected drive to locate lost or deleted files.

Scan Drive magoshare data recovery

5. After the scan, Magoshare will display a list of recoverable files.

Scanned Files magoshare data recovery

6. You can preview these files (double-click on File) to ensure they are the ones you want to recover.

Preview files magoshare data recovery

7. Once you’ve confirmed the files you want to recover, click on the “Recover Now” button. 

Recover Now button magoshare data recovery

8. Magoshare will prompt you to choose a location to save the recovered files. Ensure you save them to a different drive or location to avoid overwriting data on the original drive.

Export scan results magoshare data recovery

9. Magoshare will complete the recovery process, and your files will be restored to the chosen location.

Recovered Data in Magoshare on Mac

10. If you want to keep the scan status for future recovery attempts, you can export it to your computer and import it later to Magoshare. This feature saves time by not rescanning the drive in the future.

Recovery Complate on Mac

Benefits of Using Magoshare Data Recovery Software

Magoshare data recovery software offers a range of benefits that make it a valuable tool for recovering lost or deleted data on your Mac. Here are the key advantages it brings:

  • Deep Scanning: The software offers deep scanning capabilities, which means it can recover data even from inaccessible or damaged storage media. Whether it’s a hard drive, USB flash drive, or memory card, Magoshare can handle it.
  • Safe and Reliable: Magoshare is designed with data safety in mind. It uses safe and reliable recovery methods to ensure that you never face data loss. You can trust it with your essential files.
  • Compatibility: Magoshare Data Recovery Software is compatible with multiple macOS versions, including the latest ones. So you can use it on various Mac systems.
  • Regular Updates: The software is continuously updated to improve its performance and adapt to new technology. You can benefit from free lifetime updates, with access to the latest features and improvements.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Magoshare offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, the software can’t recover your data, you can request a full refund.
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Magoshare Supported Devices and File Types

Magoshare is compatible with various macOS versions, including the latest ones like macOS Sonoma. It can recover a wide range of file types from different devices.

Here are the devices and file types it supports:

Supported Devices

  • Mac desktops and laptops
  • Hard drives (HDD/SSD)
  • External hard drives
  • USB flash drives
  • Memory cards and SD cards
  • Digital devices like cameras
  • Server systems/RAID
  • Other data storage devices

Supported File Types

  • Documents
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Audio and voice recordings
  • Archives
  • Emails
  • Other types of files

Pros & Cons


  • User-friendly, making it accessible to all levels of users.
  • Comprehensive recovery options for various data loss scenarios.
  • Quick and efficient scanning and recovery process.
  • High compatibility with macOS versions and file types.
  • Emphasis on safety and cleanliness of the software


  • While it offers a free trial, the full version is paid.

Plans & Pricing of Magoshare Data Recovery Software

Magoshare Data Recovery Software provides users with flexible licensing options tailored to their specific needs. These options include:

  • 1 Month License: This license is valid for one month and can be used on two PCs. It is priced at $69.95 and comes with the added benefit of 1-month free upgrades, free tech support, and the convenience of canceling any time.
  • 1-Year License: The 1-year license offers a one-year duration and is applicable for use on two PCs. Priced at $99.95, it includes 1-year free upgrades, access to free tech support, and the flexibility to cancel the subscription at any time.
  • Lifetime License: The lifetime license provides users unlimited access and is valid for use on two PCs for a lifetime. It is available for a one-time payment of $129.95 and includes lifetime free upgrades and free tech support, ensuring that users have the software’s full capabilities at their disposal.

Final Thoughts

Magoshare data recovery software for Mac is a valuable addition to your toolkit. With its advanced data recovery technology, it delivers on its promises. Data loss is never a pleasant experience, but having a reliable solution like Magoshare at your side can make the recovery process a cakewalk. Let’s get Magoshare for Mac data recovery.


Is Magoshare data recovery free?

Magoshare offers a free trial version of its data recovery software. However, there are paid versions with additional features.

Is Magoshare data recovery safe to use?

Yes, Magoshare Data Recovery is safe to use. It’s designed to recover data without causing harm to your files or system.

Can Magoshare recover deleted files?

Yes, Magoshare is capable of recovering deleted files. It can retrieve various types of lost data, including deleted files, from different storage media.

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