iOS 17.4.1: Mail App Not Working on iPhone, iPad (101% Solved)

iOS 16, Get Steps for Fix Mail App Not Working on iPhone and iPad or App Crashing start up so can't send an email on your iPhone, iPad, iPod

iOS 16 Mail App ErroriOS 16 Mail App Says No Sender is a bug. The mail app has the most powerful mail features and easy to use with different mail types like Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, AOL, Outlook, and Other custom mail servers. D

id you get Errors – cannot get mail iPhone or iPad (Client or Server) or Crashing problems, so here’s the fix on Mail App Not Working in iOS 16 or later. This tutorial also Cover Mail App Notifications issues like Not Showing on Lock Screen, Change, or Mute Notification alert sound that plays each mail Alerts.

Below are the known reasons for Mail App Not Working on iPhone and iPad running on the latest iOS. Let’s check it one by one and get rid of all types of Mail app troubleshooting help.

Steps for Fix Mail App Not Working on iPhone and iPad or Crashing

Are you encounter Mail App no sender bug – then before getting started to follow these steps:

→ Force quit the Mail App – next force restart your iPhone (Get in FIX #7 below) – After this iOS 16 Mail glitch may be resolved. in case these fixes not help you then keep continuing the bottom solutions.

Fix 1: Check for the Latest iOS in Settings

  • Go to the Settings app on iPhone, iPad > Next To the General > Software Update.
  • Check for the update if any available. Update it and Get new Bug fix and app improvement with
    new features.
  • To add new mail Account or Remove mail account on iPhone, Go to the Settings > Passwords & Accounts  > Add Account [Select Mail account server and Enter the login details to use it on Apple Mail app]
1 Check for Update in iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad

Mail App Notifications Now Showing on The lock Screen or Not Getting

We Can turn on Mail app Notification for Any of the Accounts Set up on your iOS Device using the custom settings.

1 Mail app Notifications settings on iPhone in iOS

Go to the Settings app on iPhone/iPad > Mail > Notifications >

  • “Allow Notification” Should be Turned On.
  • Next, also check Other Account installed on your iOS, Tap on “Account name” > “Allow NotificationsLock ScreenSet the Sound” and “When Unlocked” options should be selected under show previews settings.
2 Manage Mail Notification settings on iPhone

Fix 3: This iPhone is Restricted From Creating Mail Accounts ios

in your iPhone, Restriction is Enabled from creating or adding a new mail account on your iPhone. Also, mind it, iOS 12 or later users can use screen time options as restriction settings. Unable to add new accounts for Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud and Other.

  • Go to the Settings app on iPhone > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Account Changes > Tap on Allow.
iPhone is restricted from creating email accounts
iPhone is restricted from creating email accounts

in this case, if this setting doesn’t help, Try to Reset all Settings. (This will not remove iPhone Data). Erase only Settings.

  • Go to the Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. That’s it and hopefully, now the problem has fixed (Prevent changes in Email Accounts).
  • iOS 11 or Earlier: Settings app > General > Restrictions > Account > Allow Changes.

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Fix 2: Enable Mail app for Cellular Data

remove the restriction for Disable mail app data while Cellular data turn on.

  • To check that, Go to Settings > Cellular.
  • Scroll Down and see the app’s list installed on your iPhone or iPad. Find Mail App and Enable Toggle for the correct use Mail app on Cellular Data turned on.
2 Enable Access Mail app on Cellular Data on iOS 11

If you want Limit mobile Data in iOS then you can turn off Cellular data for a Mail app or Use Power Saving mode in iOS.

Fix 3: Enable/Disable Cellular Data for Mail app

Mail app not working on Celluar & Only works on Wi-Fi. Here’s the Option for Managing it.

Enable Mail app access on Celluar Data or Mobile data. Check the below settings on iPhone.

  • Go to Settings > Mail > Cellular Data (Enable Toggle). if this option is off, then you can’t get a new email while on Mobile data.
Allow Mail app access on Cellular Data or Mobile data on iPhone

Fix 4: Enable Push, Fetch, or Manually

Set these setting (Push, Fetch, or manually) options correctly from the settings app depending on your Mail account activity. In iOS 11, Settings has been changed. Open Settings app > Scroll down and See Account & Password.

3 Accounts and Password in iPhone and iPad settings app
  • Next, Fetch New Data > Enable Push for all the accounts or Set these options for an individual account.
4 Enable Push for Mail app on iPhone and iPad with iOS 11

And also find, Fetch Interval (Time for periodically checking new data on the Mail server from your device in the background)

5 Set Fetch New Data Time for Mail app on iOS 11

Fix 5: Password Changed, Re-Enter Password

You have changed the password on another device or Web account, So you must verify with the new password in the iOS Mail app. Otherwise, you are unable to get new mail on iPhone, iPad Mail app.

You have to change the password on another device or Web account. Also, make changes here inside the mail account login. A great option is here, Without a Delete Mail account, Only Re-Enter the new password.

  • Tap on the Name of Account from Settings > Accounts & Password
  • Next, Under the Accounts > Tap on Email Name and Tap on Re-Enter password. (See the screen
7 Re-Enter password on iPhone mail app
  • If Re-Enter Password not showing then Delete account and Re-Login

Fix 6: Remove Account & Re-Add

By Removing the Whole account, we can get updated settings and auto-configuration in our Mail app.

  • Go to Settings > Accounts & Password.
  • Tap on Email Account name > Next Delete it.
6 Delete Account from Mail in Settings app on iOS 11

Fix 7: Restart or Reboot

The formal solution also works to fix this issue, some software error or blocking incoming mail
the connection will re-fix using this step.

Only For Restart, Press Sleep/ Wake Button for 10 seconds.

Watch the video to Force Reboot iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus:

  • 1: Press and Quickly Release Volume Up button,
  • 2: Press and Quickly Release Volume Down Button,
  • 3: Press and Hold the Side Button until you see the Apple logo on Screen.

To Start the iPhone, Again press the Side button until the startup apple logo is on the screen.

  • For iPhone 7/ 7 Plus: Restart or Reboot iPhone by Press and Hold Sleep/ Wake + Volume Down button until your See the apple logo on the screen.
  • For iPhone 6S or Earlier: Press and Hold Sleep/ Wake + Home button continuously until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

Share which fixes really help on iOS Mail App Not Working on iPhone or iPad. Having any suggestion which is not covered above in the post? Don’t miss to share with us in the comment box.

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