Make apple watch apps for Apple Watch: iPhone apps to watch apps

With Apple watch app you can do all the things from tiny apple watch device, the new concept as an apple watch. Using the apple watch app you keep touch all the apps from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch remotely. Not only get new notification and update but you can also do some action like registration, Query request and reply, Surfing, for that developer have a watchkit tools that will create Watchkit app in developer’s mind. But for us it’s Apple watch app.

Useful for developer: Steps to monetize iOS app for Developer [How make money].Buit, Make apple watch apps for Apple Watch 2015 at home

Here’s are the basic guide on how to build/ Make Apple Watch apps for Apple watch, about your Small and big business. And How to start Apple watch application development own self by using official guide and development tutorial.

Through this Watchkit app we can create different types of app like Complete user interface (Read from app and take action as a reply, edit or delete anything), Static UI interface only for notification purpose from this types of app we can’t do any action, and the last one is complete mode.

Prerequisite: Developer guide for Make apple watch apps for Apple Watch 2015

You have apple’s developer account; from there you can get latest tools for Apple Watch app development as a iOS 8.2 SDK. Download this code and start with it for creating apple watch app development.

Watchkit helps to develop best UI and design interface as preformatted templates, Verity of text size, Styles and Colors combination, and large collection of control. Get more idea on apple watch app design and your app should be looks like this from here

And the next step should be Apple watch app’s programming start with pre necessary mind set from here

Download XCode for apple watch app development and then Create new code, Build code, Run project code using XCode.

Before to start app development, you need some basic guide, utilization of code to boost apple watch app performance and Connectivity with other iOS device, if you know most of the watch app runs with iPhone you need connectivity with iPhone (iOS) and Mac (OS X) like handoff feature.

Having trouble to find query and solution on your pre require Apple Watch app development, Then you can share apple watch question from Make apple watch apps for Apple Watch developer forum. Source: WatchKit.