iMyfone: Make free space on iPhone/ iPad: iOS 10

All Mobile and Desktop devices always create a junk files or temporary files for faster process. Manage processing time, Load on processor and many serious glitches may be create in future. In that time to go it will be increase sharply. So what to do? But now you have the solution that I explained below especially for iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch. Follow the below steps and Make free space on iPhone. Same thing also occur on your Mac or PC that you should optimize. Get guide on optimize storage space on Mac.

1-click software is really amazing by iMyfone. Try free software or buy pro features to experience real power of iMyfone for lifetime. It’s doesn’t matter on types of files, Installed iOS version.


How to make free space on iPhone/ iPad using iMyfone: Reviews


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1, First download and install, Open iMyfone on Mac/ PC.

2, Connect your iPhone/ iPad to your Mac/ PC using USB lightning cable.

3, after connect successfully, You can start scanning by click on Quick Scan option on software.

Scan iPhone for make free sapce

4, After completed scan full device, You will see the list of all types of files that’s acquiring unwanted space. File types are that you should delete Crash logs, Temp Files, Storage Files, Cache Files, Temp Files, Cookies Files, and Photo Caches.

Make free space on iPhone iPad or iPod Touch using software

Also Delete Corrupted Files, Downloaded Files and Storage files

You can delete it all by press “Clean” button at bottom.

Clean or Delete files from device

More customization you will see large file option in left pane, Click on it and Delete that you want.

Delete or Clean large files on iOS device

Unique Cleaning algorithm and Technology experienced by thousands of iOS users and Appreciated by top tech Expert.

If you are agree on make space from Photos app, iMyfone compress Losslessly all photos in small size. But before Compress or Delete it will auto create backup in your PC.

Release Huge space by deleting unwanted apps in

Software start auto backup data Securely before start Make free space on iPhone.

Backup and Compress image for make free space on iOS device

iMyfone is key tools on time get message like “Not Enough Space for iOS update”, “Stuck install app from App store”, “Freeze iOS device after update”, “Not enough space, cannot take photo”, “insufficient space for Download”.

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