How To Make Sticker App for iMessage – iPhone, iPad: Sources

Are you beginners in iOS app development or Expert, Wants to know how to start or make Sticker app for iMessage then publish on an iMessage iOS app store. iMessage now support all kind of label that other apps does. Get the overall guide and understand how to start from this iMessage extension tutorial if you are beginners and planning to do something different in programming. Also, we have a useful source that I recommended for experience various levels of coding skills.

Practically, to built sticker app we don’t require code. But we need Xcode and Apple Device environment (Mac Mini, iMac, MacBook) for build & publish an app.

Get started: make Sticker app for iMessage and Send in text

make Sticker app for iMessage iPhone

Pre-requisite: Before to start to review this requirement and prepare it: One existing Apple ID, Mac for Development device, Xcode 8 for the development platform.

Xcode 8 download in free and Apple ID (if not create your own) as well.

You might like this: Create Apple ID without Credit Card – None payment option not showing (Using iTunes).

Prepare Image: Animated or Sticky

As your client or personal requirement, please make a few pictures (Supported formats are PNG, GIF, and JPEG) For the animation image must be in GIF, APNG. We have an advantageous platform for creating a model that we wish.

Motion – A complete tools for Graphics or pictures, Motion is security software for Mac available in the app store. Also, consider or accept general app building guideline predefined by the app at here

Motion App for make sticker

icons – For Device Specific

Figures is an essential point before start build app because we need the different size of icons depends on device size and app store requirements. Read all carefully about app icon guideline.

Download and install Xcode developer tools

Xcode is only tools for creating iOS or Mac apps. It’s free now available from your developer account. Means Xcode is open source development tools for all iOS developers.

Download Xcode – Free

Above three pre-requisite can follow any none technical person quickly. Now next steps take usually more time and learning skill compare to before.

Build sticker pack in Xcode tools – iMessage app icon template

Apple prepare short video tutorial for a developer like your, Video is playable only on Apple devices – Safari (Mac, iPhone, iPad)

Collect all the stickers and artworks and add into Sticker Packs. Test your iMessage sticker app within developer tools, Run app in iPhone Simulator. (Test with different iPhone or iPad model simulator)

Open Xcode From Spotlight search, And Click on “Create a New Xcode Project.”

1 Open New project in to Sticker pack applications

Select the type of application, Here we go for Sticker Pack Application.

2 Give the name for Sticker Product Name

Give the name of Sticker app,

3 Drag all the stickers in to Directory

Find Git repository, Directory for project save on Drive. Next Click on “Create.”

3 Select Directory for Save sticker app

From the Sidebar, Next, Click on Sticker Pack.

Find and Drage all the Sticker in to add New Stickers area.

Test Project – App, Run on Simulator (iPhone), Find the iPhone model and run it.

See Video

Time to collect Dollars: Make Millions

Now as a developer you have an option and Apple giving an opportunity to make some handsome income from your created apps. Post app on the app store as free or pro using in-app purchase options.

If you have an existing iOS app on the app store, then you should add sticker pack extension. Once we add new sticker pack modules on existing app architecture, App automatically uses in iMessage. For the same category and description, we can make changes for iMessage supporting the app.

What are the future improvements and new supporting features find first at here: New iMessage support

Now Launch first in Beta with TestFlight

TestFlight app for release Beta sticker app

TestFlight will make your app more confidants when you launch publicly. Invite Up to 2000 tester using their email to test your app. Manage your Beta TestFlight iOS app. Also available for different platforms (Apple watch, MacOS, TvOS).

More help from our developers then write back us on the comment. Hope you enjoy out learning tutorial on Create iMessage stickers on iPhone or iPad.

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