Customize And Stop Annoying Twitter App Notification on iPhone, iPad

🗓️ November 10, 2020 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelFor the Twitter devotee here are the great tips about twitter notification and customization. Generally twitter app gives notification on each activity that occurs on your Tweet, New Followers, Photo tags, Retweets, New Likes and Polls that you created also on Direct message and recommendations occurs in your twitter account. Here you can manage Twitter app notification on iPhone/ iPad using the below steps.

This guide is most essential like Change Text Size on the Twitter app only.

Steps for Manage or Customize Twitter App Notification on iPhone/ iPad

Enable/Disable Twitter App Notification from the iPhone Settings app

We can turn on or turn off twitter app notifications from Systemwide notifications settings. Follow the below steps and quickly Enable or Disable Notification on iPhone without Twitter account’s settings.

  1. Open Settings app on iPhone > Scroll to Twitter.

    Twitter app settings on iPhone

    Twitter app settings on iPhone

  2. Next, check all Twitter app Restrictions, Tap on Microphone option. Allow notification from the twitter app by enable the toggle to Green.

    enable twitter notification from iPhone settings app

    enable twitter notification from iPhone settings app

  3. That’s it. Now, Let’s customize the different types of push notification. Block unused notification that’s related to your account, Tweet, Profile, Message and more.

Notification Settings on Twitter Account From Twitter App

  1. Open the Twitter app on the iPhone. Now, Tap on Profile Picture.

    Twitter profile on iPhone app

    Twitter profile on iPhone app

  2. Next, Tap on Settings and Privacy option > Notifications.

    Twitter app settings from iPhone twitter app

    Twitter app settings from the iPhone twitter app

  3. Enable Quality Filter toggle, Filter lower-quality content from your notifications. This won’t filter some notification that we can manage it manually. Select the Advanced filters > Manage mute notifications from people. enable the settings as you wish.

    Advanced Twitter settings app on iPhone app

    Advanced Twitter settings app on the iPhone app

  4. Preferences section will also part of the notification that you receive through your mail inbox or text messages.
    • Push Notifications: Related to your Tweets and From Twitter,

      Manage all push notifications from iPhone Twitter app

      Manage all push notifications from iPhone Twitter app

    • SMS Notifications: Get different types of notification through SMS messages. We can stop if it’s not important for you from the below settings screen.

      SMS Notification settings on iPhone

      SMS Notification settings on iPhone

    • Email Notifications: Customize mail category, And Stop unused mail notifications that you will receive in your Mail Inbox.

      Email Notification settings on iPhone twitter app

      Email Notification Settings on iPhone twitter app

  5. That’s it.

Tweets: Get notification related to your tweet in your account.

Mentions and Photo tags: Enable/ Disable notification when you mention in Tweet by Other.

Retweets: notification when someone tweet on your Tweet.

Likes: People Likes your Tweet

Polls: Only on your Poll created by you or you voted on others Poll

Other Direct Notification settings are New Followers, Direct Messages, Recommendations and more see under iOS Twitter app settings.

Apply your changes and Tap on Done for save.

Manage Twitter Account notification for Web Users

For the web users have two different types of notification settings, Email Notifications, and Web Notifications.

To reach there Go to the Web Twitter account > Login with User Name and Password.

From Tap profile Photo > Settings

Next, Tap on Email Notifications, Web Notification from Left pane shown below. And customize it depends on your needs.

For disable, all types on notification in Email Just Tap “Turn off” button at the top.

That’s it for Twitter web browser users.

Also, you can manage notification on iPhone/ iPad settings app, Go to the Settings > Notifications. Also, Give rate or suggestions on how useful Twitter app notification on iPhone/ iPad users.

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