How to connect Apple Watch to wifi without iPhone in 2023

🗓️ November 10, 2020 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelWith the watchOS 5, Search Nearby WiFi Networks and Connect or Join Nearby WiFi in WatchOS 5 on Apple Watch without iPhone, So we get excellent WiFi signal Strength. Most of the difficulties fixed, and in bonus, there are incredible features like Walkie-Talkie, Fitness and more added. Earlier Apple Watch users were facing challenges related to Wi-Fi connectivity. If they don’t have iPhone nearby the Apple Watch, then they can’t connect to Wi-Fi directly in Apple Watch. In watchOS five you can connect Wi-Fi manually right from the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch is at the top of the list of smart Watches, by beating all the big brands. Apple has revealed so many new features and made much better by releasing watchOS 5, and now without any question, you can buy this Watch. In watchOS 3 and earlier versions were lagging in functionality, and so users were facing too many difficulties while managing the Apple Watch.

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Join Publick WiFi network and Even Join password-protect networks.

Limitations: Unfortunately you can’t join Public Spot Networks like hotels and Airport on Apple Watch WiFi settings.

In WatchOS 5 has doesn’t option for auto join WiFi network automatically.

An idea to connect Apple Watch to wifi without iPhone, Turn On Move Forward and see

Step 1: On your AppleWatch, launch “Settings.”

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Step 2: Tap “Wi-Fi” and wait for few seconds until Wi-Fi “searches all networks.”

Step 3: Tap on the “Wi-Fi network” you want to connect.

Step 4: Enter the “password.”

1 Find and Scan WiFi on Apple Watch

NOTE: The letters such as z, x, o, u, w, c, v, and s. All these letters will look same in “upper-case and lower-case.” To overcome this trouble “use Digital Crown” to enter letters. It is also applicable to special characters

2 Enter WiFi password on Apple Watch

Step 5: After entering a password, tap “Join.”

So from now, if your iPhone is not near AppleWatch, which happens all the time, the Apple Watch will directly search for the Wi-Fi network and join that saved network. However, you can use iPhone and AppleWatch independently.

Switch or Forgot WiFi Network on Apple Watch: WatchOS 5

To switch into other WiFi network, you have to Forgot first and already connected. After that re-join using above given steps.

To Forgot connected WiFi Network:-

Tap on Connected WiFi name; Next screen is “Forget This Network.”

3 Forgot Joined WiFi network on Apple Watch

That’s it.

Enable/Disable WiFi on Apple Watch

Quickly you can turn off WiFi from your Apple watch control center just like your iPhone, Swipe up finger on Face Screen.

Tap on WiFi to turn on or Turn Off.

Your watch is draining the battery, keep turn off WiFi & Bluetooth. New Customized control center allows managing or re-arranging all widget or shortcut in edit mode.

Troubleshooting issues and tips

Apple watch won’t show WiFi status like iOS device on the Top status bar. So please check Existing WiFi still connected or not. Might be you changed WiFi password.

  • You are not in WiFi range
  • Update WatchOS if available
  • To Check WiFi is connected: Settings app > WiFi > Enable WiFi toggle or Connect Network in list.
  • Reset Apple Watch.
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More about WiFi issues and tips like Apple Watch WiFi Keeps dropping & Disconnecting.

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