Best Apple Magic Mouse Accessories in 2023 that Must Have

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Apple has launched the all-new magic accessories designed especially for the Mac range of devices. The magic mouse has its unique use and fantastic response time, making it one of the essential items for Mac users. For the magic mouse to function correctly, you need suitable accessories for the same. A good accessory provides comfort, protection and is durable at the same time so that it enhances your overall working or gaming experience on a MacBook.

We have curated a well-researched list of Apple’s magic mouse accessories that are affordable and do their work effectively to ensure the proper usage of the mouse. Have a look at the best accessories for the Magic Mouse and choose the one that suits you well.

1) Magic Grips for Apple Magic Mouse 1 and 2


Though the Apple magic mouse has a comfortable design, it can sometimes cause wrist pains and fatigue after using the mouse for a long time. The Magic Grips by Elevation Lab has a little side project designed to make the Magic Mouse more comfortable and give it an ergonomic feel. This magic grip effectively creates a large concave surface to place your fingers and widens and relaxes your grip to provide you with better control. This fantastic magic grip is uniquely designed for all hand sizes and is especially great for medium and large hands.

The Magic Grips by Elevation Lab is an ambidextrous mouse grip that can be used by both the left-handed and the right-handed people comfortably. This product fits perfectly on both the Apple Magic Mouse 1 and the Apple Magic Mouse 2 so that you don’t have to worry about the compatibility of this grip. If you prefer an even wider grip, then a bonus XL thumb grip is also included in the box to take care of this need. It is built with premium silicone rubber construction to ensure sturdiness and durability and comes with a removable 3M adhesive.

Without wasting any time, go to the Amazon website now and order this useful product right away.

2) Metal Mouse Pad for Apple Magic Mouse 1 and 2


Make way for the Metal Mouse Pad for Apple Magic Mouse 1and 2 that revolutionized the mouse pad industry. This product is designed especially for Apple Magic Mouse 1 and 2 and keyboard and trackpad. This metal mouse pad consists of five layers of polymer paint coating, oxidation coating, micro-sandblasting, aircraft-grade, and Apple homogeneous aluminum alloy metal plate, making the surface smoother and more durable. The bottom of this mouse pad is entirely made of silicone rubber so that it does not slip even on a glass surface, enabling you to freely and precisely move your mouse on this mouse pad.

It is highly waterproof and smooth so that you can easily clean and disinfect the mousepad by washing it directly in water. If coffee or water spills, you can clean it with a dry cloth without worrying about the residue stains. This metal mouse pad is ultra-thin, smooth, flat, stiff, and non-bendable, ensuring that it does not collide with laptops and desks and leaves no marks on them. It is more portable and convenient to use during traveling, in the office, at home, and can also be used on the bed, sofa, or even soft blanket.

This fantastic product has a set of 2 metal mouse pads at a very affordable price, making it a suitable and essential accessory for your Apple Magic Mouse. So to order this product, visit Amazon and get it delivered to your house safely.

3) Mello Silicone Cushion for Apple Magic Mouse 1 and 2 


Are you facing issues like pain in your wrist or palms while using the Apple Magic Mouse continuously? The Mello Silicone Cushion has a unique design that offers a comfortable arch with a superior silicone touch to fit your palm for longer, comfortable, and more productive use of the Apple Magic Mouse Gen 1 and 2. This product offers a wide range of color options ranging from Glacier Blue, Pinot Red, Tuxedo Black, and many more. This silicone cushion allows you to personalize the position of installation for maximum comfort.

This product is very effective and efficient as it allows more natural use of all multi-touch gestures and functions to improve overall movement. It attaches to your mouse using a strong 3M Adhesive for long-term usability and durability and can be removed when not required.

So, to reduce the discomfort and improve the mouse movement and control, order this brilliant product from Amazon today to get the best deals.

4) CaseSack Case for Apple Magic Mouse 1 and Magic Mouse 2


Safeguard your Apple Magic Mouse with the excellent CaseSack Case for Apple Magic Mouse 1 and Magic Mouse 2 that is specially designed for the Apple Magic Mouse. This case gives a premium look to your mouse and is a very fashionable hand case with an excellent shape and color to keep your Apple Magic Mouse 1 and Magic Mouse 2 well protected, clean and neat. CaseSack case is very portable and can easily fit into a purse, shoulder bag, suitcase, making it a good option for home storage and traveling. This case is built from a semi-hard shell that protects the device from shocks, shakes, knocks, and scratches. 

The PEVA materials safeguard your Magic Mouse from pressure or hits by absorbing the damage. It is completely water-resistant, so you can rest assured about the safety of your mouse even when it is raining. This case is robust, compact, lightweight, and easy to access and use, making it very user-friendly. CaseSack offers a 100% refund in case of quality problems so that you can blindly rely on the quality of this product.

Therefore, order this unique and elegant case from Amazon straight away to protect your Magic Mouse from getting damaged.

5) Silicone Protective Skin for Magic Mouse


Assuming that you are looking for a case for your Apple Magic Mouse that protects your device from scratches, fingerprint marks and comes with a cleaning kit, then you should go for the Silicone Protective Skin for Magic Mouse. This mouse skin offers all-around protection with its four-corner shockproof and drop-proof design so that your Magic Mouse remains unharmed even when it is dropped by accident. This protective skin does not affect the sensitivity and flexibility of mouse movement and solves the problem of the old protective covers hindering gestures.

Both the sides of the magic mouse sleeve are designed with concave and convex parts, which are non-slip and comfortable to hold, ensuring that the mouse movement is precise and smooth. The silicone protective skin improves the touch experience. It prevents fingerprints from remaining on the surface of the magic mouse glass, with a matte effect, which looks more sleek and elegant. The high-quality silicone material, soft, non-slip, washable, and reusable, and accompanied by a cleaning kit make this Magic Mouse skin a complete package for your mouse.

To make this fantastic product your own, go to the Amazon App and order it now to get the best offers and discounts.

6) Silicone Cover/Sleeve Compatible with Apple Magic Mouse


Keeping your Apple Magic Mouse safe while not compromising on movement accessibility is what all Mac users wish for. The brilliant Silicone Cover/Sleeve Compatible with Apple Magic Mouse by BUJIDAO can fulfill this dream of every MacBook user as it fits perfectly over your mouse and protects it from all sorts of shocks, knocks, and bumps. It is very easy to install this cover, and it prevents the magic mouse from slipping, cracking, scratching and provides an extra layer of protection for your mouse. This silicone protective case for apple magic mice will not affect the function and sensitivity of the mouse by giving you access to all the functions.

It is an eco-friendly mouse cover and is made of high-quality silicone material making it soft and durable, lightweight, washable, anti-dust, and shockproof. This case provides a more comfortable grip on the mouse. It is available in nine colors so that you can cover up your mouse with these beautiful cases making it easier for you to find it, or use different color mouse covers to distinguish your mouse from others.

Hence, order this protective and fashionable silicone sleeve for your Apple Magic Mouse from Amazon and pay using any of the payment modes available.

7) Leather Protector Case for Apple Magic Mouse Brass Button


If you are a person of class and taste, then you should definitely buy this Leather Protector Case for Apple Magic Mouse. This mouse cover gives a premium feel to your Magic Mouse by adding a layer of protection over it. The soft leather interior of this case is gentle on your Magic Mouse surface, keeping it safe from scratches, fingerprint marks, dust, and oil. This leather case is designed especially for the Apple Magic Mouse so that you don’t have to worry about fitting and compatibility. 

This mouse cover is built entirely out of leather and has a brass button in the front that gives a classy look while firmly gripping the mouse inside the case. So, to buy this elegant leather protective case for yourself, go to Amazon to get the best offers.

8) Charging Dock for Apple Magic Mouse 2


If you travel a lot or enjoy working on the go, this Charging Dock for Apple Magic Mouse 2 was designed just for you and your traveling needs. It comes with a built-in charging cable making it a very convenient product to carry around as it does require you to connect a charging cord to charge your Magic Mouse. The sleek, compact, and minimalistic design allows you to place or fit this charging dock on almost every desk.

This charging dock offers a variety of color choices so that you select this product in your favorite color option. This charging dock comes with a one-meter-long charging cable so that you don’t have to stand close to the charging socket while charging your mouse. The unique design does not hamper your Magic Mouse and protects it from scratches.

To make your traveling and working life a bit easier, order this excellent charging dock from Amazon now and never go out of charge.

Although there might be various other accessories for the Apple Magic Mouse, we have recommended only the most essential and affordable accessories in this list so that you don’t have to go around wasting your time on useless add-ons. All the accessories described in this article are of top quality and fulfill their work effortlessly. So take a pick and buy the accessories that are beneficial for you and your work.


Best mouse pad for Magic Mouse?

→ The best mouse pad for Magic Mouse is the Metal Mouse Pad, as it is durable, affordable, smooth, and does not restrict any function of the mouse.

Does the Apple Magic mouse need a mouse pad?

→ If you want a smooth, responsive and comfortable experience, then you should buy a mouse pad for your Apple Magic Mouse. here’s more about Does Apple mouse need a mouse pad or not?

Can you use a Magic Mouse without a mouse pad?

→ Yes, you can use a Magic Mouse without a mouse pad, but the response of the mouse will not be good, and some of the functions of the Magic Mouse won’t work correctly. Therefore, we recommend you buy a mouse pad to get the most out of your Magic Mouse.

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