Mute camera sound on photo click in iPhone 6S: iOS 9

On your iPhone 6S/ 6S Plus we can’t change camera shutter sound like in android smart phone. But we can increase or decrease camera click sound easily in alternate why. Try below ways as of your capturing conditions and garb beautiful photos of environment, Cultural, in Bird parks and at more silent places. Apple’s camera sound some peoples are like but others are hate, so they will keep sound always turn off. Here’s the tricky way on mute camera sound on photo click or slow down camera click sound.

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Burst mode creates more irritating sound by continuously photo capturing. take burst mode in iPhone 6S.

Turn Off/ Mute camera sound on Photo click: Capture photo in silent mode

Launch Camera app, then from the right side edge turn off Mute button, By pressing reverse down of the screen side.

Mute button condition: if side edge showing orange mark on switch put your iOS device (iPhone 6S/ 6 Plus) in silent mode.Mute camera sound on photo click on iPhone 6S or 6S Plus

Whenever you want to capture camera in silent mode, you have to put button in Turn on condition. Showing in above picture.

Side/ Mute button not working for Silent/ mute camera sound on photo click

From the Assistive touch, you can slow ringer or camera shutter sound. Assistive touch showing like in below screen.

If you doesn’t show assistive touch on screen, Enabled it by go to the Setting > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch > Enable AssistiveTouch toggle.Enable Assistive touch on iPhone home screen

Before start take photo you must have to set sound level or mute condition.Control camera sound through assistive touch

Note: For some selected county you can disable/ Turn off/ Mute camera capture sound by government lows and conditions.

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