How to Turn Off Camera Sounds and Screenshot Sounds on iPhone 13 Pro Max

iOS 15 tips- How To Turn Off Camera Shutter Sound On Any iPhone

On your iPhone, we can’t change the camera shutter sound like on an Android smartphone. But we can increase or decrease camera click sound quickly in alternate why. Try below ways as of your capturing conditions and garb beautiful photos of the environment, Cultural, in Bird parks, and at more silent places. Apple’s camera sound some peoples are like but others are hate so that they will stop noise always turn off. Here’s the tricky way to mute camera sound on photo click or slow down camera click sound.

You can try few workarounds to turn off the camera shutter sound on iPhone 13, or on any other iPhone. Check it out.

Burst mode creates more irritating sound by continuously photo capturing. Use burst mode on the iPhone.

Turn Off/ Mute camera sound on Photo click: Capture photo in silent mode

Mute iPhone Camera Shutter Sound using Mute Switch

Till now you may have searched Google upside down, but didn’t find the setting to disable the camera shutter sound of iPhone, isn’t it? Your iOS device doesn’t have any specific settings to turn off the camera shutter sound on the iPhone, but the mute switch controls the entire iPhone’s sound system.

Instead, you can use the mute switch to turn off the camera shutter sound on iPhone X or any other iPhone, before using the camera app. As I said, when you use the Mute button to disable camera shutter sound on the iPhone, all the alerts including calls, notifications, etc get on silent mode. So don’t forget to Unmute the iPhone after capturing photos.

Prefer the sample image to mute the iPhone.

Mute camera sound on photo click on iPhone 6S or 6S Plus

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Lower Down the iPhone Volume

In case if the silent switch isn’t responding, the long-press the Volume down button to turn off the sound on iPhone. It’s the easiest way to silent the iPhone and camera shutter sound, no need to switch the mute button or create chaos, simply press the Volume Down button to turn off shutter sound on iPhone and Volume Up button to restore iPhone sound levels.

Make sure to turn down the volume and then open the Camera app to click or record on the iPhone.

Country Restrictions

You might not have heard that Japan and South Korea iPhones can’t be muted while using the Camera Apps, so if you belong to Japan or South Korea, don’t try to turn off the camera shutter sound. Those countries are upholding the privacy of citizens so no one can film without acknowledgment of anyone.

Besides we don’t suggest you break the rules and regulations that can harm your country’s dignity.

Turn Off Camera Shutter on iPhone with Live Photos

The Live Photos’s the only feature that lets you capture without making a shutter sound. When you shoot Live Photos the shutter sound automatically disables. So you can try the Live Photos on your iPhone.

  1. Launch the Camera
  2. Look for the circles on the top bar, next to the Flash symbol.
  3. Tap on the circle, when it turns yellow that indicates the Live Photos is already enabled.

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Share your story on Mute camera sound on photo click for iPhone with the latest iOS. Still want more some useful tips on new touch and devices kindly stay in touch with us.

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