My AirPods connected but no sound: What Should i do to Fix it?

AirPods is one of the remarkable inventions by Apple. With the launch of AirPods, most of the Apple fans are giving priority to this wireless device compared to other much costly headphones. AirPods let you make and receive calls, allows you to listen to music, and most importantly you can access Siri from AirPods. However, if you are using AirPods with Android or any non-Apple product then you might not be able to access these features.

Recently AirPods users have reported the AirPods connected but no sound on iPhone. In short, AirPods stopped playing music on iPhone, now what should be done to fix the sound issues of AirPods? If you are having the same AirPods connected but no sound issue on iPhone, then continue to follow the article and fix it.

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AirPods are connected but No Sound on iPhone/iPad

 Fix AirPods connected but no sound

Quick Tips,

  • Did you check the battery level of AirPods? Because the smooth functioning of AirPods requires the AirPods to be charged. Make sure AirPods are correctly placed in the charging case and leave them in to charge for an hour or two.
  • Which device are you using with AirPods, iPhone, iPad or Mac or any Android phone? Hope you know the procedure to force restart the phone on which AirPods are connected but there is no sound.

Solution 1: Clean the AirPods

After using AirPods for quite a time, they usually covered up with dirt and debris. However, it won’t happen, if you keep them clean and maintain regularly. Even a small piece of dirt can prevent AirPods from charging and you will face the same error AirPods connected but no sound. How do you clean AirPods or what is the correct way to clean AirPods? First of all, you need to be very careful while cleaning the AirPods, as any hard or wrong movement could damage the AirPods. It is advisable to use a soft object to clean the AirPods safely. You may prefer our video tutorial on How to Clean AirPods.

Solution 2: Check the Volume Level

Another thing to be covered when your AirPods are connected but no sound is to make sure AirPods volume is not too low to be heard. iOS devices have an option that lets you control the volume limit on the Music app. By default, the Volume Limit feature is off, in case if anyone has mistakenly turned on, then disable it.

  • Settings app > Music app > Turn off Volume

Solution 3: Update the Devices

Also, it is necessary to keep your devices updated especially when you are using Apple devices. Generally, if Apple releases any update for AirPods, then it automatically gets updated when the paired iPhone or iPad is connected with Wi-Fi. So, now you have to check the iPhone for updates if any pending update is available for iPhone then make sure to update it.

  • Settings app > General > Software Update.

Solution 4: Make sure iDevice is connected to AirPods

Many users tend to pair their phones with an external speaker, Bluetooth headphone, etc. Later these connections bring issues when you try to connect AirPods to iPhone. I would suggest you disconnect the iPhone from any other headphone or external speaker and only pair the AirPods to iPhone. Go to the Bluetooth menu in the Settings app and make sure the iPhone is connected to AirPods.

Solution 5: Reconnect AirPods

iPhone isn’t connected to any other headphone? Still, AirPods are connected but no sound? It’s time to reconnect the AirPods to iPhone. It can be done through the following steps.

  • Settings app > Bluetooth. Tap on info next to AirPods and then on Forget This Device.

This will un-pair the AirPods from iPhone, now you have to pair them like before. This is the complete guide on How to Pair AirPods to iPhone/iPad

Solution 6: Disable/Enable Automatic Ear Detection

Turn off the Automatic Ear Detection option in your iPhone or iPad. See if that works to fix AirPods connected but no sound. This trick sounds weird to fix no sound issue on AirPods, but try it once, it might fix the problem.

  • Settings app > Bluetooth > AirPods > Disable Automatic Ear Detection.

Solution 7: Reset AirPods

The last solution is to reset AirPods. Just like we reset settings on the iPhone, this time we will reset AirPods and connect to the iPhone. Here’s how to reset AirPods,

  • Put the AirPods in the case.
  • Close the lid of the Charging case.
  • Now, open the lid.
  • Press and hold the backside button of the charging case until the light flashes amber and white.

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