My iPhone X Won’t Turn On And Black Screen or Won’t Charge issue: Get Fix

Last Updated on Jun 12, 2021

Sometimes My iPhone X Won’t Turn On after iOS 14.6 Updates, and the screen is black or frozen. One day it suddenly restarts but doing this may be deleted some content from your device. A force reboots your device even if the screen is off or not responding you can go with these steps, Based on my personal experience to fix this issue. This stage also called Black Screen of Death iPhone X in that Screen isn’t responding after the iOS update or for too many reasons. This tutorial also resolves an issue like iPhone X Won’t turn on after water damage, iPhone X won’t turn on after charge, and overheating problems. Go with these tips, carefully! All the Best, Also comment on me in the last.

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Turn on Your Apple iPhone X: Let’s Press and Hold the Side (Power) button until appearing the Apple logo on the screen after that leave your iPhone. And wait for a few seconds and get started on the Hello screen.

Black Screen So iPhone X Won’t Turn On iOS: Fix Black Screen Issue iOS 14

  • Black Screen After Charging, On, or After Force Restarting
  • Black Screen but iPhone X is vibrating, Sounds and Alerts usually
  • The screen is On but not supporting touch, Gesture, Tap and Slide on the screen
  • Button not working,
  • Stuck on Apple Logo and isn’t recognized in iTunes

Solution #1: Check the Below Point to get rid of My iPhone X won’t turn on after the iOS update

If iPhone X Won’t Turn On After iOS 14 Update, then these can be a few reasons,

  • Battery Charging lost while in charge
  • USB lightning cable connected but not turned on Power
  • Internal iOS glitch
  • Corrupted iOS Download
  • Liquid Hardware Damage

Solution #2 Force Restart or Reboot iPhone X

Force restarting the iPhone X can eliminate the iPhone X won’t turn on or iPhone X unresponsive touch screen iOS 13/iOS 12 within two minutes. or if iPhone X can’t turn on, then proceed with the next one.

  • #1: First, press and Quickly release the Volume Up key
  • #2: Press and quickly release the Volume down key
  • #3: Then only press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears after the black screen.

If your iPhone X’s screen Unresponsive to touch. Force Restart gets fixed and makes your iPhone’s process super fast and healthy.

Watch this video to fix my iPhone x won’t turn on at all or iPhone x won’t turn on or charge

Solution #3: Charge Your iPhone X Correctly

The new iPhone comes with partial charging that’s much more enough to complete the initial setup and use some hours. In case, You are getting refurbished or tested new iPhone X by someone, and then you need to charge first of all. Leave the iPhone X in charge for two to three hours and thereafter turn on the phone by pressing the Side button. Still, the iPhone X doesn’t light up? Then pick up the soft stick and clean the charging port to remove dirt and debris.

Is this a reason for iPhone X won’t turn on because of not Charge properly? Follow this one,

If your iPhone showing, Lightning cable on a black screen, that means charging not started, but you need to check the loose connection on the power adapter. Only Battery is showing, which means your iPhone is in the charging stage. (Keep Max. time on charging)

1 iPhone X Charging issues fix

Solution #4: Take a Fresh Backup Copy & Restore back to Your handset

Backup iPhone and Restore clean install [Factory Reset iPhone X and install the latest iOS version] These tricks auto fix all the internal bugs themselves.

Solution #5: iPhone X Gets Stuck During Startup and Screen is Black

Sometimes iPhone X won’t turn on the flashing the Apple logo, on the startup screen then you can connect your device to a computer and Quit iTunes, your device is connected and ready to perform force restart.

  • To force restart iPhone X – First of all, press and quickly release the volume up button then press and quickly release Volume down key and in last press and hold the side button,
  • Until the recovery mode is shown up on your screen [iTunes logo with Lightning cable].
  • Now Launch iTunes. Wait for seconds, iTunes will say to Restore and Update button.

Select Your Prefer Option,

  1. Update: Reinstall New iOS without Data lose
  2. Restore: Reinstall New iOS after Erase all the Data, next set up your iPhone X with iTunes to get back all the data.
  • Don’t release it until the Apple logo appears and hold until the recovery mode shown up.
  • We also recommend on iPhone X stuck on Apple logo on screen after a long time, So fix with Recovery or DFU setup,
  • Restore or Update iPhone X into DFU Mode or Recovery Mode
  • Then you will get the option to restore or update, go with the update. iTunes will reinstall iOS securing all the data, and the problem will be solved. Here’s the Video Tutorial that will show you how to Restore iPhone X in DFU mode.

iPhone can’t restore or Update because iPhone Stuck in Recovery mode, Unable to backup and Restore using iTunes.

Recovery Mode Didn’t Help You, Try DFU Mode → Recovery Mode won’t work and useless, Now You are failed and unable to restart Your iPhone follow iPhone X DFU Mode, & Fix Your Problem.

Solution #6: Contact app Support or Genius Bar at Nearest Apple store

You also get repair options only when you are under warranty, and there is no physical or liquid damage, and it will probably take no charge otherwise it may be expensive. Under warranty, devices get replaced if any hardware or chip is damaged from Apple’s side.

Solution #7: Use official Charger and Kit to Fix iPhone X Won’t Turn

Sometimes the changing problem may arise that will only allow the charge from some particular charger, or maybe it only supports the Charge while connected to the PC, not to the wall charger. This may lead to not turning on the screen, and the above steps may solve that.

You can also restore in DFU Mode on iPhone X because that can be one of the reasons for your iPhone not turning on. Thus this will help you out by fixing the turning on the process.

Solution #8: What Should I do when iPhone X Won’t Turn on After Water Damage

Sorry to hear about your problem. I Understand your current moment because your iPhone X won’t turn on after water damage. Don’t worry; if you take the right, action on this problem then you will get a positive result. Lets we see here what steps you should follow to turn your water-resistance (not waterproof) iPhone X ON after knowingly or accidentally dropped your phone in the swimming pool.

First of all, I inform you that the Apple iPhone X is water-resistant, not waterproof so in case your phone drop into the water then you should completely dry it then try to charge and use it. Even you don’t do this, then your phone charging port possibly shocks the phone and kills ultimately. So you should go either go to the Apple store to buy a new one or go to fix a water-damaged phone repair place near you and see if they can fix it. If they can’t fix it, then you may be out of luck because the brand Apple does not cover water damage under one year warranty.

As our expert team, the following hint will help you still and for the future so please read carefully:

  • To survive your iPhone X against water damage, you should wrap it into a Waterproof case – you can get here the list of the Best iPhone X Waterproof Cases.

Solution #9 What should I do my iPhone X Won’t turn on after Overeating or while charging?

In rare cases, you might be facing an issue like your iPhone X overheating while charging and then won’t turn ON, so this is a worrisome situation. According to us it might software update issue, or might battery hardware problem be draining your battery fast then after iPhone X overheating and won’t turn on. Let’s try these cool tricks to fix the iPhone X Overheating issue.

if your iPhone won’t power on then you should book a Genius Bar appointment. learn here how to make a genius bar reservation.

Also, get information on Apple’s Express Replacement Service. I hope you guys enjoyed & fix My iPhone X won’t turn on.

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