My iPhone X Won’t Turn On: Here’s The Fix This issue

Sometimes My iPhone X Won’t Turn On and the screen is black or frozen and a sudden restart is all you want but doing this may be deleted some content of your device. A force restarts your device even if the screen is off or not responding you can go with these steps, Based on my personal experience to fix this issue.

Turn on New iPhone X: Press and Hold side button until you see the apple logo on screen after that leave your iPhone. Wait for few seconds and get started from Hello screen.

Black Screen iPhone X in Different Situation, That terminates other functionality but black screen is sown

2 iPhone X wont turn and black Screen

  • Black Screen After Charging, On or After Force Restarting
  • Black Screen but iPhone X is vibrating, Sounds and Alerts usually
  • Screen is On but not supporting touch, Gesture, Tap and Slide on screen
  • Button not working,
  • Stuck on Apple Logo and isn’t recognized in iTunes

Check the Below Point to get rid of My iPhone X won’t turn on

  • Battery Charging lost while on charge
  • USB lightning cable connected but not turned on power
  • Internal iOS glitch
  • Corrupted iOS 11
  • Liquid Hardware Damage

Force Restart or Reboot: iPhone X

#1: First of all press the release the volume up key

#2: Press and release the volume down key

#3: Then press and hold the side button till the Apple logo appears.

Charge Your iPhone Correctly

New iPhone comes with partial charging that’s much more enough to complete initial setup and use some hours. In case are you getting refurbished or tested new iPhone X by someone, and then you need to charge first of all.

If you iPhone showing, Lightning cable on a black screen, that means charging not started but you need to check the loose connection on the power adapter. only Battery is showing, that means your iPhone is in charging stage. (Keep Max. time on charging)

1 iPhone X Charging issues fix


Backup & Restore

Backup iPhone and Restore clean install this tricks auto fix all the internal bugs itself.

iPhone X Gets Stuck During Startup and Screen is Black

Sometimes your device turns on but got stuck to slide during the startup then you can connect your device to a computer and open iTunes. Then when your device is connected give a force it to restart. Then press and quickly release the volume up button and repeat this to the volume down key and then press and holds the slide button until the recovery mode is shown up to your screen. Don’t release it till the Apple logo appears and hold until the recovery mode shown up.

Restore or Update iPhone X into Recovery Mode

Then you will get the option to restore or update, go with the update. iTunes will reinstall iOS securing all the data and the problem will be solved.

iPhone can’t restore or Update because iPhone Stuck on Recovery mode, Unable to backup and Restore using iTunes.

Contact app Support or Genius Bar at nearest apple store

You also get repair options only when you are under warranty and there is no physical or liquid damage and it will probably take no charge otherwise it may be expensive.

Use official Charger and Kit

Sometimes the changing problem may arise that will only allow the charge from some particular charger or maybe it only support the charge while connected to the PC, not to the wall charger. This may let to not turning on the screen and that may be solved by the above steps. You can also restore in DFU Mode on iPhone X because that can be one of the reasons of your iPhone not turning on. Thus this will help you out by fixing the turning on a process.

Hope you guys enjoyed & fix My iPhone X won’t turn on.