My Passport for Mac not Showing Up on MacBook MacOS Big Sur

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Read this article till the end to fix My Passport not opening on Mac or unable to copy or transfer data between them. Some users have recently reported that their passport for Mac not showing up on Mac which is a very serious issue. What can be the reasons external hard drives not showing up on macOS Mojave? Is there is connectivity issues? Is hardware corrupted? System malfunctioning? For no reason, the hard drive is not showing up then follow our guide to fixing My passport for Mac not showing up on Mac.

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Primarily we have mentioned the steps that you need to go through so that if you lack one of them, then your hard drive will not visible in Mac. Moreover, if you are correctly doing as mentioned in the basic steps (Fix 1) then follow the next fix to get positive results.

Tested MacOS and Macs

  • MacOS Big Sur, macOS Mojave, MacOS High Sierra, MacOS Sierra, MacOS EI Capitan, MacOS Yosemite
  • MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Mini,

Certain priority check for this issues

  • USB not working, Try another USB drive or Flash Drive
  • USB access blocked or Disabled
  • Hard Drive Cable damaged or Shorted
  • Driver is incompatible
  • Mac is affected with Virus: try Best Antivirus software for Mac

My Passport for Mac not showing up on Mac MacOS

3 My Passport not Showing on Mac

Fix 1: Check the basics

  • Connect the hard drive to the Mac properly. Also, check the cable of drive and USB port of the Mac.
  • Connect the hard drive to another computer and then check it is responding or not.
  • Restart the Mac and then try to connect My passport to the Mac.

Is the problem is My passport is not showing up on desktop or finder? Then try below fix.

Fix 2: Show my passport for Mac or on desktop

It is also possible that you haven’t enabled Show external drive on desktop or Finder. In this case, first of all, check that option and enable it.

3 Show External Drive on Mac finder sidbar

  • Step #1: Launch “Finder”.
  • Step #2: Click on “Preferences”.
  • Step #3: Select the “General” tab.
  • Step #4: Now, click on the “External Disks” beneath “Devices” or else click on “Show these items on the desktop”.
  • Step #5: From now onwards you can see the external drive on the desktop.

Fix 3: Check My Passport in Disk Utility

Still, if you are unable to find out the My Passport on the Finder or desktop, then we will look for the external drive from the Disk Utility.

  • Step #1: Go to “Disk Utility” from the Spotlight.
  • Step #2: Click on the “Mount” button by right-clicking on the My Passport external hard drive on the left side of the screen.

1 Mount External Drive on Mac

Fix 4: Repair the My Passport

Fortunately, in Mac, we have First Aid to repair the external drives such as My Passport.

  • Step #1: From the “Disk Utility” click on the connected external drive.
  • Step #2: Now click on “First Aid” from the top of the screen.
  • Step #3: Finally select “Run” and start diagnosis.

First Aid run on External Drive on Mac

That’s it.

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