New Facebook app not working on iPhone 4,4S, 5 [Solved]

Facebook app creasing on iPhone 4

learn New Facebook app not working on iPhone 4 issue. Sometimes the number one Social media apps not working with iPhone or iPad Air, iPad Mini after new updating, so something’s not working with Facebook app, check sure that first, you have to up to Facebook app version in your iOS device (iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 3Gs,iPhone 5 or iPad Mini, iPad Air). In some cases, Crazy FB users lost his or her Facebook message or conversation accidently delete and they want need back then it’s possible though recover accidently lost messages on Facebook.

Have you ever issue of Facebook app crashing, Facebook closing out the home screen, or Facebook hang after starting well. Follow beneath steps to solve New Facebook app not working on iPhone 4.

Steps for New Facebook app not working on iPhone 4,4S, 5 – 2015

Step 1. Make sure that running Facebook app version is up to date on your iPhone or iPad

Step 2. if, it’s updated then go steps 3 otherwise update from the App store.

Step 3. in upgrade Facebook still pop up same issue or if that doesn’t solve your problem

Then give a report to Facebook.

Let if you’ve no idea about – How to report a problem with Facebook from your iPhone or iPad? follow beneath steps.

Step 1. Click down arrow icon on top right side corner of your Facebook Page.   New Facebook app not working on iPhone 4 solved

Step 2. Now Choose Report a Problem as a given bellow pictureFacebook error on iOS

Step 3. Next, Select second option ‘’Something isn’t working’’Facebook app creasing on iPhone 4

Step 4. Select a product from drop-down list New Facebook app not working on iPhone 4

Step 5. Text in your report into what happened box?

Step 6. you can also upload your issue screenshot if, you’ve captured

Step 7. Click on Send

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That’s it. Note –This is the process for only reporting broken issue not abuse or spam matter.

We hope, this tutorial on New Facebook app not working on iPhone 4,4S, 5 become most useful for you.

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