Notability V/S GoodNotes 4: Reviews, Price, Features and 2023 Guide

🗓️ November 10, 2020 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelKnow What is in Notability and GoodNotes 4, Note apps for iOS and Mac device? After comparisons. In today’s digital world people prefer Notebook Apps instead of carrying paper and pencil. If you really want to enjoy note-taking apps, then I would prefer you to use them in your iPad. With the huge screen, you can do anything more quickly and in an easy manner. Taking notes on iPad with such apps is more interesting, and the important thing is you don’t have to carry big heavy books in your bag, simply take iPad with you and when you are free to start reading for your exams.

However, if you are going for note-taking apps in iPad, then you have to carefully select one of the best apps for you. I am telling you this because to use such app you have to spend over $7. Forget everything, just look I have made this post to tell you about the best note-taking apps iPad. Almost all the information is included in this post.

Notability V/S GoodNotes 4: Dip Reviews

1. GoodNotes 4

goodnotes App Reviews

goodnotes iPad App Reviews

The GoodNotes 4 app is made to simplify your task in a beautiful handwritten way and also PDF documents. For quick access, all these handwritten notes can be easily searched with the help of pioneering vector ink engine. Even it supports iCloud syncing capability that means you can synchronize the app in various devices.


  • It provides very fluid writing experience compare to Notability.
  • The highlighter tool is excellent.
  • The Shape and Eraser Tool are awesome when we compare to other similar applications.
  • While working on GoodNotes 4, it gives more natural experience, as we can swipe the page side by side.
  • You don’t have to worry while printing, because it precisely take care of all the contents.


  • GoodNotes 4 doesn’t support syncing audio recordings.
  • Limited Notebook covers.
  • Lower cost.

Cost: $7.99

Download: iTunes

2. Notability: A Note Taking app for iPad

Notability Note app for iPad iPhone and Max

Notability Note app for iPad iPhone and Max

The Notability app is designed especially keeping in mind the needs of the teachers, businessman as well as for students. So they can enjoy note-taking feature with notability app. It is a bit boring to make notes if you were given a pen and paper, instead try this modern way to remember crucial points of the task.


  • Excellent PDF scrolling support.
  • Brilliant color options are available.
  • Easy and clean interface.
  • Quick Drag and Drop photo support from Google.
  • Importing PDFs, DOCs, GIFs and much more is easy.


  • The Shape Tool included is not of use.
  • Eraser is too much sensitive; it creates difficulties when we want to erase small part.
  • Per notebook, you can only use one-page style.
  • The highlighter only highlights the below part of the text, which looks terrible.

Cost: $9.99

Download: iTunes

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