How to Open & Close Windows in The New Shelf on iPad Multitasking iPadOS 17

Last Updated on Aug 4, 2023

The New Shelf in iPadOS 17 on iPad introduces for quickly Open Windows for an app, then easily & Quickly Switch between Windows with the new Shelf when you are working parallel in the same app. The main part is, How to open New window on the Shelf and Close unused Windows on the Shelf using finger gestures.

also, you will find some hidden features of the New Shelf in iPadOS, like Quickly close multiple Windows of the app on the Shelf on iPad one by one.

Explained The New Shelf in iPadOS 17 on iPad

How do you open the shelf on a iPad? Hands-on Video guide:-

How to open the New Shelf window of the App

Now, iPad users can open multiple windows of the same app in split view and Move into Slide then access the slide view Window on the shelf. Later on, the user can add a new Window of the same app Using the New Shelf and Close from the Preview Shelf this will appear at the bottom when we tap on the Multitasking menu [Three dots on Screen at top center]. Follow the steps below and refer to my video guide,

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Note: Some apple’s native app doesn’t support the new shelf on iPad like Photos app, But We tested with Notes, Pages, Numbers on iPad.

Let’s take the Example of Pages App on iPad,

  1. First Open Pages on iPad from App Library or Home screen. open-pages-on-mac
  2. Next Tap on the Multitasking menu [Three dots] icon at the top center of your iPad screen. Three Dots will appear on the App screen, Not on the home
  3. Select the Slipt View Option Either Left or
  4. Next, Select the Same app as the second window in Split
  5. Now, the Same app Open on the screen is useless while we open Another app or Change in the Split view screen. if I do slide over the Window or open another app in the same slide-over screen. the hidden windows will appear in the Shelf.multitasking-menu-in-split-view-screenjpg
  6. To access the Shelf windows of the app, Tap on the three dots button and see all the Windows of the app in the Shelf.the-new-shelf-on-ipad-access-using-multitasking-window
  7. Tap on Plus Sign [New Window]
  8. to add More window of the an app in the

Tap on the Shelf preview and open another window on the same Slide over screen or change the window to full screen.

How to Close Windows In New Shelf on iPad Multitasking

Can I Close all the New Self Windows on iPad Multitasking? at once. No, But the Multifinger gesture will work to close Multiple windows an app on the iPad from the Shelf.

While multiple windows options [More than two] on iPad, we can see those windows in the Shelf, and Close it Unnecessary windows from the Shelf preview.

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First, Open App that has multiple windows open on iPad. Now, Tap on the three dots icon at the top center of the iPad screen. and see the Shelf preview of all windows.


Swipe up Shelf Preview using your finger gesture to straight up. and Close it. Use multiple fingers [2 or 3] to close multiple Windows from the shelf on the iPad.


That’s it.

View all the Open Windows for an App Using Shelf

I am guessing that Your iPad has opened Multiple windows of an app. Open any window in Fullscreen or slide over screen. And See and Tap on Three Dots [Mutitasking Menu] at top Center of iPad

And See all windows of an app in the shelf

That’s it.

Quickly Switch Between Them With the new Shelf in iPadOS 15

Switch Between a Windows of an app is very easy with the new Shelf in iPadOS 15.

Open an app that has Multiple windows open in Backgroud. Tap on the Three Dots icon [Mutitasking menu] at the top center of the screen. open-the-shelf-in-split-view

and See the All Windows of an app in Shelf Preview.move-app-in-the-split-view-on-ipad

This we can do in, Individual Slide over section. There is an Individual Multitasking

Tap on it to see Shelf in slide over screen.access-shelf-in-split-wiew-and-change-window-using-the-shelf

Now, the New Shelf becomes very handy for open any windows or Access Multiple Windows of an app on an iPad. Don’t miss to Try and share with your Friends. also, comment me if you having an issue with the new Sheful in iPadOS 15.

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