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Nowadays millions of websites are live and made for mobile or desktop users. So Layout on your iPhone, iPad quite different, Sometimes you can see or access your website on desktop view effectively, but not on Mobile view. here I explained how to Open a mobile website in Desktop view on iPhone. Like online applications, websites, money transfer, here is a great and secure way to do all things for any website in desktop look. Without the use of any third-party apps, Plugins, Extensions. in most cases website developers are using third-party online services to view their own web design on different devices: Mobile, Desktop/ Mac, iPad/ Tablets.

Important: Here I gave steps for Open any website to desktop view for Google Chrome, Safari. If you don’t see any change after convert Desktop Website, that means Developer doesn’t allow to access the desktop view on mobile devices forcefully. This Trick is Helpful on All iPhone models iPhone 11 Pro, 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8(Plus), iPhone 7(Plus), iPhone 6S(Plus), iPhone 5S, iPad Mini, Air.

Useful: Alternate Web Browser for iPhone, iPad.

Steps for Open Mobile website in Desktop View on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch: Safari, Chrome

Open Desktop Website View on iPhone, iPad Safari Browser

For Safari: Same for Safari also but find whatever you want, Tap on more option icon from the bottom tab, Scroll right under menu and Tap on Request Desktop Site.

  1. Open Safari Browser on your iPhone, iPad.
  2. Next, Open Website URL on your iPhone/iPad Safari Browser.
  3. Now, next to the Address Bar Tap on “AA” button option > Request Desktop Website.
  4. Wait for a second your page will refresh. and You got the Page in Desktop design.
  5. That’s it. To move back into Mobile view, Revert the process, Tap on aA > Request Mobile Website.

    Request Desktop Website on iPhone and iPad
    Request Desktop Website on iPhone and iPad

Enable Desktop Website View On iPhone, iPad for All Time

Request Desktop Website settings explored in the Latest Version of iOS and iPadOS. Now we can enable a particular website for Desktop view all the time, whenever you open you will see the website in desktop view. For that, we have to enable these settings from your iPhone. Next is how to manage multiple websites that we have to open in the Desktop view. Follow the below steps for enabling the Desktop website view for all time.

  1. Open Safari Browser on iPhone/iPad.
  2. Next, Open Website that you request a desktop view for all time.
  3. Tap on AA button next to the URL on the Address bar.
  4. Tap on Request Desktop Website toggle to green.

    Settings for Request Desktop Website for all time on iPhone and iPad
    Settings for Request Desktop Website for all time on iPhone and iPad
  5. That’s it.

Manage Multiple Websites For Request Desktop Website

View and Check all the website that has been enabled and requested for Desktop Website view for always-on iPhone and iPad. Sometimes this trick the fix the problem on your iPhone loading desktop view all time. Follow the below steps on your iPhone settings app.

  1. Open Settings app on iPhone, iPad.
  2. Scroll to Safari Option.
  3. Again Scroll to the “Request Desktop Website” option.
  4. Enable Toggle for Turn on Particular Website Toggle. Otherwise disabled it. also, we can clear all data with the Edit option at the top right corner of the screen.

    Manage All Websites for Request Desktop view
    Manage All Websites for Request Desktop view
  5. That’s it.

Follow the Below Steps for iOS 12 and Older Version of Safari Browser

Open mobile website in Desktop view on iPhone, iPad, iPod

Note: in the case, you can’t get the effect or not able to convert into desktop view then you can’t do, Because this side only made for mobile users or developer disabled that features on the backend.

Google Chrome: Open Desktop Website on iPhone, iPad

Step 1: Open Website on Google Chrome or Safari. Now all the content and images set on mobile view for better user’s experience on small screen devices. in that case some websites not compatible with the mobile view, and not showing the correct format.

Step 2: Here I open and search Jerry Page. Now we can see full biography into the mobile view. But not easily.

For Chrome: Search any thinks like “Jerry Page“, From the top three-dotted menu icon, Tap on it. Then Tap on “Request Desktop Site“. Open desktop view on Mobile browser

Now, Wonderful you can see the full page into a clean interface: Desktop view.

Further query on Open mobile website in Desktop view on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Safari or google chrome web browser. Share with us.

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