Outbox Mail stuck in iPhone, iPad

Outbox Mail stuck and not deliver from Mail app: iPhone/ iPad

Outbox is great interface in Mail app works commonly between all mail accounts. In case you want sent mail from your iPhone/ iPad Mail app, unfortunately your mail sent from your device on request by you, not delivered successfully due to server error and it’s fail. Now failed message not available in Draft, Sent box. So it will automatically save in Outbox section of mail app as a backup. From there you can learn what to do on Outbox Mail stuck then re-sent it and save big time.

Normally Outbox option not available but when any mail fail, then it will show up Outbox mail section.Outbox Mail stuck in iPhone, iPad

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Alternate Fix: Outbox Mail stuck on iPhone/ iPad

Mostly this case is happen on sent mail with large attachment file (Zip files, Folders or Video).

#1 Close Mail app process completely through multitasking features, Re-Launch Mail app > Outbox > Retry again.

#2 Restart your iPhone/ iPad (Press Sleep/ Wake button until Slide to power off option appear on screen). Or Force Restart (Press Sleep/ Wake + Home button at once for 10 seconds).

#3 Next, Under Outbox From tap on Edit button on top right cover > Trash All.Fixed Outbox Mail Problem

Confirm with trash all.

#4 Remove all Mail Account, or Selected Mail account for that mail bounce problem occurred. And mail goes to Outbox.

#5 still has a problem Mail goes to Outbox and Outbox Mail stuck, Contact your Mail service provider or hosting support for the proper configuration on iOS device. (Mail Server not propagating connection for outgoing server)

Most of the case Restart Mail app or iPhone/ iPad work expectedly.

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