How to Pair Hearing Aids Bluetooth Device on iPhone 6S, iPhone SE

The Accessibility feature is wedded into apple’s iOS 9 pack. Accessibility is not limited to hearing aids (higher quality digital audio) feature, but that makes iOS more versatile. So hear everything about Pair hearing aids Bluetooth device on iPhone 6S, iPhone SE. Most helpful post for the iPhone users who having hearing problems in both ears, left or right side ear. Hope older age peoples or those folks who loss his/her auditory senses in young age. You can easily setup hearing aid device with your iPhone, iPad or iPod and will get a complete sound like prior you heard.

You need enabled Bluetooth on your iPhone to connect a third-party headset. So lets look step wise guide with the pictures to pair hearing aids Bluetooth device on iPhone. In Addition, the Apple allows some branded hearing aids Bluetooth headset to setup with iPhone.

Know how to Pair hearing aids Bluetooth device on iPhone 6S, iPhone SE – iOS 9

Pair Hearing Aids Bluetooth Device on iPhone

Before get started steps, turn your hearing aids device battery door. Because your third-party device required Bluetooth turn on. After do that, go following steps.

Step 1. Launch Settings app from iPhone home screen,

Step 2. Tap on General

Step 3. Navigate Accessibility then scroll down the screen,

Step 4. Under Hearing label, tap on Hearing AidsPair Hearing Aids Bluetooth headset on iOS 10

Step 5. Now turn Bluetooth On

Now your iPhone will search for hearing aids nearby and after discoverable. You enjoy great sound through best hearing headset.

Step 6.  Once your iPhone finds your hearing aids, tap on name in order to complete the paring process.

Step 7. On the same hearing aids screen, you can also see Hearing Aid Mode option, turn on that, improves audio quality with some hearing aids. Pair hearing aids Bluetooth device on iPhone SE

You’re done.

Now you can get more clearly iPhone audio experience than before. You can also check your hearing aids battery level on today view battery widget.

If your hearing Aids device won’t connect with your iPhone. Please share your comments, how’s looking the way to pair hearing aids Bluetooth device on iPhone 6S, iPhone SE.

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