10 Pokemon iPhone Wallpapers in 2024

Since our childhood, Pokemon has had a completely different fan base as it was an all-time favorite cartoon for most of us. Funny Wallpapers for iPhone such as Peppa PIG Wallpapers, Grinch wallpapers, and Kaws Wallpapers, or superhero wallpapers like Star Wars Wallpapers, Elden Ring Wallpapers, and Iron Man Wallpapers are still on top, but Pokemon is connected to nostalgic childhood memories. There are a plethora of Wallpaper Apps options where you can download your favorite God of War Ragnarok Wallpapers, Minecraft Wallpapers, and much more. Below, we have picked the best Pokemon backgrounds for iPhone that are worth checking out.

1. Pokemon Ash Pikachu Wallpaper

Embark on a digital journey with Ash and Pikachu, where every pixel tells the tale of friendship and adventure – a Pokemon masterpiece on your screen awaits!

Pokemon Ash Pikachu Wallpaper for iPhone

2. Pokemon wallpaper iPhone

Jump out of Barbie Wallpapers world and unleash electrifying charm with happy Pikachu on your iPhone screen as Pikachu sparks joy in a vibrant Pokemon symphony, making every glance an adventure in the palm of your hand.

Pokemon Wallpaper for iPhone

3. Cool Pokemon wallpaper

Love cool and aesthetic Preppy Wallpapers ? Then you must have your hands on this cool Pokemon wallpaper – where simplicity meets Pokemon magic, turning your device into a playground for nostalgia and fun!

Cool Pokemon Wallpaper for iPhone

4. Red and white background Pokemon wallpaper

Elevate your screen with a striking red and white background Pokemon wallpaper, seamlessly incorporating the energy of Naruto Wallpapers for a dynamic fusion of two beloved worlds in one captivating display.

Red and White Background Pokemon Wallpaper for iPhone

5. 3d Pokemon wallpaper

If Ranboo Wallpapers and Robin Wallpapers are your favorite characters, then you must explore this 3D realm of Pokemon enchantment as Pikachu electrifies your screen, transforming every glance into a vibrant 3D adventure in the world of Pocket Monsters.

3d Pokemon Wallpaper for iPhone

6. Ghost Pokémon iPhone wallpaper

Haunt your iPhone screen with these dynamic wallpapers as ghost-type Pokemon weave a spectral tapestry, turning your device into a captivating portal to the mystic shadows of the Pokemon world.

Ghost Pokémon iPhone Wallpaper

7. Charizard Pokémon wallpaper for iPhone

If Fox Wallpapers can be clever, then why not a  Charizard? Let the fiery wings of Charizard blaze across your iPhone, turning every swipe into a journey through the flames of epic Pokemon adventures.

Charizard Pokémon Wallpaper for iPhone

8. Cartoon Pokemon wallpaper

Infuse your device with a burst of joy as a yellow canvas hosts a vibrant congregation of cartoon Pokemon, turning your screen into a whimsical tapestry of animated charm like Encanto Wallpapers.

Cartoon Pokemon Wallpaper for iPhone

9. Squirtle Pokemon Wallpaper

No doubt about the sassy personality of Chihuahua Wallpapers, but diving into serenity with a Squirtle wallpaper – where the water’s calm embrace and a mischievous smile make your screen a tranquil haven of Pokemon delight.

Squirtle Pokemon Wallpaper for iPhone

10. Pokemon neon wallpaper for iPhone

Obviously, the Sonic Wallpaper of your choice can make your day. This neon wallpaper will never make you feel bored, turning black wallpapers into a vibrant spectacle of electrifying charm and digital enchantment.

Pokemon Neon Wallpaper for iPhone

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