Problem on Connecting Server Message on Local disk access on Mac

Here is the perfect solution on how to solve problem on connecting Server when trying local disk access on Mac running on OS X Yosemite, Mavericks.

Personally I solved this problem when I didn’t open my local disk drives might be after update Mac OS X, Finally I found the very unique solution on how to resolve “Problem on Connecting Server”  when I tried disk access on Mac. Maily I have to different Disk partition, So whenever I try to open or Copy/ Past operation will give two messages “NetAuthSysAgent: ERROR: AFP_GetServerinfo – connect failed” message.

Here is the problem within system configuration settings files should be corrupted due to invalid installation and system upgrade procedures.Solve error when disk access on Mac

Steps to solve Connecting Server when disk access on Mac running on OS X Yosemite, Mavericks

Follow the below simple steps carefully, alternatively I tried different two method to do same things.

Mainly we have to delete system configuration folder settings file, so the question is that how to do from here directly without use of spotlight on Mac search.

Method 1: Solved Problem on Local disk access from Mac

Step 1: Do triple click here over the Webpage, Select the Below Command line.


Step 2: From the selected line, right click or Control+ Click to go Revel.

Step 3: From the drop down option under the Services > Reveal. Now you can see the SystemConfiguration folder, Delete folder from your drive by right click > Move to trash. Then restart your system reset network setting as of guide on screen.

Hope fully you done through above steps in case you are failed to apple above steps then use alternate way given in method 2 for short out local disk access on Mac.

Method 2: Solved Problem on Local disk access from Mac

Step 1: Choose the Command “/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration” line by Command + C.

Step 2: From the top menu bar go to the Go > Go to Folder.

Step 3: Past command By Command + V, And Go.

Remove the data from folder and restart your system, Submit network setting.

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Through the Above possible solution on Connecting Server Message Error when try for Local disk access on Mac OS X Yosemite, Mavericks upgrade. Although still facing problem send us detailed description about that or if you have alternate solution to short out.

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