Enable Two-Step Verification on Gmail Google Account, App Specific Password for Gmail Account

Somewhere Signing in 2 step verification on iPhone/iPad by Google is a thriller, who never experience amazing and fast automated login service. In that, you are sure about there is no chance for a block account or cheat your data from your account. And also 2 step authorization is common for all apps, Services from Google officially. Once you activate/ Turn two-step verification on a desktop browser, it will automatically apply at all where you need Gmail login even iOS application, or on other mobile platforms.

Some people taking 2 step verification easy, and some of the feeling like a stone on the way. So they are avoiding two-step login authentications. But for newly updated iOS, 2 Step verification made very easy. For that here’s the troubleshooting solution on signing in 2 step verification on iPhone/ iPad.

For security reasons, two-step verification essential for all business users, prevent from unauthorized access.

Steps on Fix Signing in 2 Step Verification on iPhone/iPad apps

Normally, a two-step verification passcode enters option step comes in official apps (Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird) But not sure about other third-party apps, Dropbox. On that point, you can use 16 digit systems to generate an app password in place of your actual Gmail password.

  1. Go to this Google Account and Sign in with your Google Account (Email and Password).
  2. Next, Click on Security from Sidebar > Security.
  3. Now, Click on 2-Step Verification > Again Enter your Google Account Password.
    Turn on Two Step Verification for Google Account
    Turn on Two-Step Verification for Google Account
  4. Get Started Your Setup with Your iOS device signed in with the same account.
    2 Step Verification for Google account
    2 Step Verification for Google account
  5. Enter Your Google Account Password.
    Enter your Account password for Authenticate
    Enter your Account password for Authenticate
  6. Next on your iPhone, iPad or Andriod Mobile get Verification prompt if your device installed Google Gmail app and Signed in with Google Account.
    Verify Using Prompt on Google Gmail app
    Verify Using Prompt on Google Gmail app
    • As an Alternate Option, you can Set or Enable Text Message/Call Verification on your mobile.  Enter the Verification Code.
      Verify Using Text Message on iPhone
      Verify Using Text Message on iPhone
    • When You Got the Notification, Tap on Yes to Verified or Verify Using Verification Message Code.
      Verify Two Step Authontication on iPhone Gmail account
      Verify Two-Step Authentication on iPhone Gmail account
  7. Finally, 2-Step Verification Turned on.
  8. That’s it. Now, Follow the Below steps for Create App-Specific Password for your Google account.

Generate App-Specific Password for Google Mail, Contacts, Calendar, YouTube and Other Service

here’s another Security Feature that makes your Google Account more secure, Don’t Share your Google Password with Third-Party Sign-In Service, You can use Another Password for the Third-Party app to Sign with your Google account. That’s means we can sign in Google Account using Another Password call App Password. Now, Apple Also Allow to Create App-Specific Password.

  • Step 1: First Generate an App Password, Go to the App password.
  • Step 2: Select App Type and Device type, there you want to login then Generate.Generate password for App and Device from Google
  • Step 3: Now 16 digit password on your screen,Signing in 2 step verification on iPhone iPad app

Note: Also keep mind, Do not Generate a password for a less secure app. See the tutorial.

Now, on your app, you can log in with this 16 password in place of your password.

Click on Done, That’s it.

Here you can also see a list of all previously generates the password for the app.

Also, check for more help or troubleshooting guide on particular app-related action here. I hope your problem with Signing in 2 step verification on iPhone/ iPad fixed. Any suggestions and discussions are welcome in the comment box.

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