Raise to wake stopped not working on Apple Watch After Update WatchOS 5

Apple Watch one the best small smart wearable device ever in the technology history. Apple is improving the user experience from the functionality, Sensor techniques, Access all kind of data and Always connected to the real world via WiFi or Cellular data (Apple Watch Series 3 and series 4). In this Apple, Watch has some bugs and problem behind the reasons you unable to use Raise to wake apple watch screen while raising wrist.

Some Apple watch users disable some functionality by mistake to save lots more battery life. But you didn’t get the idea of how to reset and change the settings like turn on Wake Screen on Wrist Raise

Wrist Raise features are available on Apple Watch Series 1, Apple Watch Series 2, Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series  4 running on WatchOS 5, WatchOS 4.

Steps for Turn on or Enable Raise to Wake or Wake screen of Apple Watch on Wrist Raise

Raise to wake stopped not working on Apple Watch after Update (1)

Step 1: go to the Settings app on Apple Watch.

Step 2: Next to the settings app > General.

Step 3: under the General > Wake Screen > Wake Screen on Wrist Raise turn on the toggle.

That’s it.

Also, you can do from the iPhone remotely using My Watch app.

Method 2: using iPhone, Enable or Turn on Raise to wake on Apple Watch

Open My Watch App on your iPhone.

Under the My Watch > General > Wake Screen

Troubleshooting and Solution that walk through these problems

Update your Apple Watch Firmware: Check for update Apple WatchOS from the iPhone My Watch App. My Watch > General > Software Update and Wait for a few settings. Your apple watch might be restarting several times.

Factory Reset: Many times apple watch fix all the internal software glitches by erasing all settings. On your Apple watch, Go to the Settings > General > Reset > Reset all content and settings.

Wrist Detection turns off: Turn on Wrist Dictation from My Watch iPhone app, My Watch app (Tab) > General > Wrist Detection.

Battery Drained: Due to not enough charging, your apple watch won’t turn on or wake up the screen.

Send feedback and share your problem with us for more help and troubleshooting tips on any Apple device. Just like raise to wake stopped not working after update WatchOS 5.

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