How to Remove/Add controls in control center on iOS 11: iPhone, iPad

Control center now more will be used on iPhone, iPad. Without unlock the screen we can turn On/ Off Cellular data, Access Apple TV via remote, Start Flesh light – Change intensity, Make a new Notes, Change Font Size, Turn on Do not disturb while driving called Driver mode, Music app, Volume level change, camera, AirDrop, Airplane mode, WiFi, Personal hotspot, Bluetooth, Alarm, Low power mode, Stopwatch, Wallet, Calculator, Accessibility settings and more.

Customize control center will allow third-party app settings shortcuts, Using this guide we can add it manually.

For the privacy reasons are you going to hide or Don’t want permission on the lock screen? So, disable control center only on the lock screen.

3 Add New control in control centre

Steps for add or remove controls in control center in iOS 11: iPhone, iPad

#1: Go to the Settings app on iPhone and iPad

#2: Scroll down and tap on control center

1 Control center in iOS 11 settings app

#3: Next, to the control center, Tap on customize controls.

2 customize controls in settings

#4: This is the screen for manage additional controls by add or remove in the list. After that re-Arrange controls in control center.

To re-arrange it Tap and hold on drag icon slider vertically.

To add new control press Green (+) button,

3 Add or Remove control in iPhone control center

To Remove control from existing list, Press on (-) round button.

Can’t Use Control center within app

Essential settings for turn on control center on the app screen.

Go to the Settings > Control Centre.

Next, Control Centre > Enable Toggle for (Access Within Apps) – See image in 3rd Steps.

Control Centre useful while we record essential settings or share your iPhone screen view with others via iMessage or social app. Same like this, Change text size, Brightness and more See in my feature image of this article.

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