Remove or Clear Safari Browsing History on iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR/8/7/6, iPad

iOS 9 safari history clear

Due to privacy and security reason, you have to know about how to delete/ Clear safari browsing history in iOS running on any iPhone, iPad models. Somewhere you have to hide your browsing activity that will be visible any unknown person for the unlocked iOS device. Time to clear your old browsing history is a good habit because large browsing data storage will slow down your system and surfing. On behalf of web technology, most of the website stored cookies in your browser for faster access site when you return again in future.

Open Safari in Private mode in iPhone, iPad

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Steps for clear safari browsing history in iOS: iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch

Remove recent/ past search history: Safari

Step 1: Go to the Safari and Open in your device.

Step 2: From the safari home screen, at the beneath of the screen tap on Book mark icon > History > Tap on clear for remove saved search result from safari browser.Clear safari browsing history in iOS 9 on iPhone/ iPad

Clear history and Data from Safari setting in iOS

With trying these steps you don’t need to remove/ Delete recent search in safari browser shown in above steps.

So, Go to the Setting > Safari.

Under the safari tap you can see all settings related to safari and which types for data/ history you want to clear or remove completely.

Note: apple also takes safari data backup in iCloud for restore in future time.

Next, tap on “Clear history and Website Data”.Safari settings in iOS device for clear browser

Agree instructions about history will be deleted from iCloud. And Do it.

Delete Cookies from a searched website in Safari: iPhone/ iPad

Not a new But available to make your browser fresh from unwanted cookies saved in your device. This will also help for better browsing speed and freezing problem.Remove cookies in iOS device

Above steps are enough to remove saved content/ Browsing history/ delete or Clear safari browsing history in iOS running in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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