Remove or Update payment information in iTunes App store

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Using this article you can remove or Update Payment information in iTunes app store on iPhone running on iOS 8, iOS 7, Mac on Yosemite and Mavericks.

Apple’s App store required your Bank card data for online purchase in your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Also from Mac. Some time we need to submit/ remove or update payment information in iTunes app store when low credit balance, unauthorized access. You know that family sharing in iOS 8 is amazing option for purchase in own devices using single account. What you can change? You can change your billing address or credit card number.


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Here I explained steps on update/ Edit/ remove or Delete old data in a secure way from your iOS devices or Mac.

Compatible Device: iPhone 5S/ 5C/ 5, iPhone 4S/ 4, iPhone 6/ 6 plus and iPad 2/ mini, Mac

iOS version: iOS 8, iOS 7, iOS 6 or older

Don’t miss: Apple also give option to use different Apple ID for iCloud or iTunes purchase.

Step to update or remove Payment information in iTunes App store

Using iOS devices (iPhone and iPad): iOS 8, iOS 7 or older

Step 1: from your iPhone tap on setting and launch it.

Step 2: inside the setting, Tap on iTunes & App Store

Step 3: Next, Tap on Apple ID > View Apple ID, (You can’t find than first setup Apple ID)Sign in iTunes account for edit payment info for Apple store

Check Account info from iTunes on Mac and Windows PC

Step 4: Then, Tap on Payment information. Now you can edit/ Change payment details.

Step 5: After successfully edit, Tap on Done.

Step 6: Apple will take time and hold you for your card authorization.

Using Mac (Yosemite or Mavericks) or PC (Windows)

From your Mac or PC you can also update or edit Payment information in iTunes App store. If you installed iTunes then Click here (For windows USER).

Link is not working, then Launch iTunes > iTunes store > Enter your apple ID and Password.Update payment information from Edit payment information in iTunes

Go to the Apple ID profile > Click on Apple ID > Click on Account info.

From your Mac iTunes edit payment information

Under the Account information page, front of the payment Type option Click on edit.

Tap on Apple ID to edit payment info for this account

Submit valid info for your credit card or other alternative option.

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