Remove red eye from photos in iPhone, iPad: iOS 9/ 8

All iOS device would be a great tool for remove or editing red eye like natural photography. Remove red eye from photos tools now officially added in photos app. Be patient and follow the below steps for change red eye dots from photos.

Might be in your case you didn’t file remove red eye icon not available on photo editing screen. But keep mind that, if your Photo contain red eye then device automatically detect it, you can apply red eye clear option like explain below.

Don’t be confused on red eye removal tools icon not appearing on screen. Because my friends had a queried on red eye adjustment tools on available while edit photo. i clarified that, go back and read last one paragraph.Remove red eye from photos saved in iPhone camera

Steps for remove red eye from photos, iPad and iPod Touch : iOS 9/ 8

1. Go to photos app and launch it.

2. Pick red eye photo (Photo should be red eye, So red eye setting option icon will be appear).

3. Over the top right corner screen, tap on edit option.

4. Next, tap on red eye adjustment tools.Steps for use red eye removal tools in Photo app

5. Make correction on red eye, tap on red eye perfectly on the point.

Review above picture for more perfection on repair red eye photos in single or group photo.

Really amazing for want more and do more you need other third party iOS apps, that might be more effectively help to remove red eye in picture. For special eye effect like remove black spot around eyes, face, 300+ beautiful pupil templates, stunning photo effect also change.

Video Tutorial:

Don’t miss to try below stunning apps,

Download Magic eyes

Download – Photo Editor

Any difficulties on remove red eye from photos, just share with me on comment box! Go ahead and keep practicing with above steps, might be great help you will get definitely.

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