Remove triangle arrow on iPhone status bar: lock or home screen

Some location based background service and application on apple Devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod or Mac/ MacBook) automatically turn location service itself. But in the favor of user’s acknowledgement, he/ she will see arrow icon at top of the device status bar (iOS device) and Mac’s Menu bar. But this is open privacy in favor of device’s user. That’s you can manage it manually by Disable for remove Triangle arrow on iPhone status bar or Enable for Show if we want.

Generally iDevice users keep it turn off or Allow only for the selected app, Due to battery drain problem on continuously track device location. This option also helps if we installed un-trusted apps on iOS device, that’s continuously tracking your way and not secure for we.

Steps for Turnoff/ Remove Triangle arrow on iPhone Status bar

Remove or Turn off Triangle arrow on iPhone status bar

Step 1: Go to the Setting App on iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch.

Step 2: Next, Tap on Privacy Near to General option (See below screen)

Step 3: Then, Go for Location Services > Disable Location Services.Turn of all location service on iPhone at once or manually

Otherwise, Set for all apps installed in devices will also listed under this option once you enable.

Last Option “System Services” Gives option for Control on Apple Services

Remove triangle icon from Mac or MacBook Menu bar

Some System tracking and Mac App required your Mac’s location, when you turn your Device Wi-Fi anywhere first it track location, So it’s also easy for “Find My Mac” if Stolen.

For Mac OS X EI Capitan, OS X Yosemite or macOS Sierra option available under the system preference.

From top right Corner Apple icon > System Preference > Security & Privacy > Tab “Privacy” > Unlock for make changes by Enter admin password > Disable Location Service.

Note: Some apps like Maps, Buying or selling products app, required your location so you must enable to use it. Yes, we can do that manually.

Above are the real reasons and tips on turn off/ remove Triangle arrow on iPhone status bar or Mac Devices. Share and Like us for more update and easy ways.