How to Rename HomePod: Change Old or Default HomePod Name, Location

Last modified on: February 10th, 2018 01:48 pm

Identify HomePod places in your Home from Name. Change the name of HomePod by Rename HomePod manually. Also, we can change HomePod Location name.

One of my favorite hobbies is giving a name to new gadget when it comes to my home whether it is iPhone or iPad or HomePod. With so many gadgets sometimes we might get confused while exchanging media and stuff. However, our HomePod is much smarter and it won’t let you get puzzled. You can easily identify HomePod if you’ve more than one HomePod in your home and placed in different rooms. Or if you only have one HomePod then there is no question of choice, just give a relevant name.


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Once you Set up HomePod with iPhone, you can able to change Name of HomePod from the app.

Change or Rename HomePod from iPhone, Also Change Location Name

1 Change HomePod Name and HomePod Location Name

Here how you can give name to HomePod

Step 1: Go to “Home” app in your iOS device.

Step 2: Press and hold the “HomePod” icon and tap on “Details”.

Step 3: Click on the tab where “HomePod” is written.

Step 4: And give a new Name.

Step 5: Finally give hit when you enter new name.

Now we will see how you can give a name to your Room where HomePod is placed

Step 1: Again launch the “Home” app in iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: Press the “HomePod” icon.

Step 3: Tap on “Details”.

Step 4: There click on “Room”.

Step 5: Find “Create New” option.

Step 6: Type in “New Room Name” and “Save” it.

Step 7: Lastly tap on “Done” when you finished.

After few seconds the settings will automatically gets updated across all paired devices and applications.

Change HomePod Location Name

1: Go to the Home app on iPhone.

2: Tap on HomePod icon, Now Tap on the Details page.

3: Now you can see Room name, and select it.

At last, you need to change or reset all custom settings made by you, we can reset HomePod.

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