How to Reply WhatsApp Messages From Lock Screen (Any iPhone)

Last Updated on Jul 27, 2023

Reply on WhatsApp without opening the iPhone app, ‘WhatsApp’, Yes, we can do that. In the recent update to the WhatsApp iOS app, one key feature was added by WhatsApp officially. The helpful and quickest way to reply to Chat directly is from the lock screen iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Instant reply WhatsApp lock screen iPhone Is useful for iOS users and all users who have updated WhatsApp versions.

Just pull down the app notification center to quickly reply to all incoming messages from WhatsApp’s recipients individually, saved in your WhatsApp iOS application.

Steps for Use Quick Reply WhatsApp Lock Screen iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

The Trick to Sent From The Locked Screen

See the locked iPhone screen below; incoming WhatsApp messages will appear like the below screen. Otherwise, you missed or reply to old messages at the time on comes to your iPhone or after display timeout. Swipe your finger from top to bottom; See the notification pane for all apps.

  1. Wake up your iPhone screen. See All Pending Notifications on the lock screen iPhone.
  2. Touch and Hold on WhatsApp Notification > to see the Keyboard with Reply Box.
  3. Type a Message and Tap on the Blue Section “Reply.”
Reply WhatsApp Messages From Lock Screen
Reply WhatsApp Messages From Lock Screen

Then, you can send the message in the text file. Tap on the textbox field. This trick is also helpful when we want to read the message without sending a read recipient (Blue Tick) at the sender’s end and unlocking the screen.

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Sent/ Reply WhatsApp Message From the Unlocked Screen,

If you are working on another app, you will also get a WhatsApp message from the top of the screen. The slide below is like a drag message, you can see the reply box. Type and send.

Security: (Chat on the lock screen)

With this feature, you might lose the protection like the unknown can read and send a reply without unlocking the screen or entering the passcode. You have no option for disabling the instant Reply WhatsApp lock screen iPhone.

Video to Getting Cool WhatsApp Tips & Tricks

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Reply WhatsApp lock screen iPhone or other iOS great help from WhatsApp for social fans just like iMessage instant reply also works like that.

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