How to Restore iPhone from Old Backup: Using iTunes or iCloud

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The complete tutorial on restore new iPhone from old backup, in alternate ways using iPhone XS Max, XS, XR, X, 8 Plus, 7 Plus, 6S Plus, SE (Over the Air, iCloud) or iTunes (Saved Backup or older backup itunes).

My past tutorial is on find last all backups taken in Mac or PC via iTunes or Save directly to iCloud. Now here I explained about the alternate options for using old backup for restore iPhone or iPad.

Users need the multiple backups to catch the idea which backup has an important file that has been deleted recently and not available in the last backup but available in old backups.

You need to check at two places, First is find on Mac or PC system and Second is finding on iCloud.

5 Restore completed using itunes or icloud

Find Old backups and restore iPhone from old backup in alternate methods

Quickly get snap on find old iPhone backups on Mac Before Restore

See iCloud backups On Mac, Go to the Apple Menu > System Preferences > iCloud > Manage

6 Find all backup on iCloud

On iTunes, Open iTunes on Mac > iTunes Preferences > Devices > List of All devices backups

1 FInd iTnes Preferences for fild old backup using iTunes

Restore iPhone from old backups, From iCloud or iTunes

Restore iPhone from Previous backup iCloud

Without the use of iTunes or Mac, You have only one option that is iCloud.

Restore options; you will get only while you set up the new device on clean install iOS, Setup on the new device or completely erase all the settings and content from settings.

Step 1: Follow the welcome Hello screen, Insert new SIM, Connect your WiFi network and other on-screen instructions.

Step 2: Enter your Apple ID Login details, Apple ID & Password.

Step 3: Apps & Data screen, Choose Restore from iCloud Backup

7 Get iCloud backup restore option in iPhone

Step 4: Now, Screen will fetch all old saved backups from iCloud. Choose what you want to restore.

8 See the list of all Backup on iPhone in iCloud

Restore Backup from iTunes – Using iTunes

Connect your iPhone to iTunes via lightning cable,

iTunes Methods: two options for restoring past backups from iCloud or Saved backup on Mac or PC.

Restore or import backup on New iPhone

Your First screen like in below, the Welcome screen with “Restore from this backup: iPhone,” Click on continue.

2 restore old backup in new iPhone

Wait for restore, Don’t unplug your iPhone or iPad from iTunes until the whole process completed.

Restore previous Date or Days backup to iPhone via iTunes

Step 1: Connect iPhone/ iPad to iTunes via lightning cable.

Step 2: Go to the summary page, Under the Backups section.

3 restore iphone using itunes from old backup

Step 3: Click on Restore Backup.. button.

4 Find old backup saved on Mac using iTUnes and Restore it

Find your latest backup and Old days backup from drop down. Here you can see two backups taken by me. You have more than you can see a list of all in this screen.

Start, Restore old backup by a single click on “Restore.”

Wait for restore process, until complete process.

Put comment to us for more help on “restore your iPhone from Old Backup” or “How can I restore my iPhone to an earlier date” in alternative techniques?

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  1. I am trying to restore an iphone from an older back up but apple says that only three back ups are stored on the cloud ie the 4th one always drops off – are you certain you get iCloud back ups going back further than 3 dates? tks

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