Reviews GroveMade Wooden Accessories: iPhone Case, Dock, Stand, Speaker

Last Updated on Dec 4, 2020

GROVEMADE is the best brand for the different types of Apple accessories like iPhone cases, different stands and docks for the Macbook, iMac and Laptop/desktop, Wooden Bluetooth speakers or Wired speaker in Sound technology etc. grovemade accessories specially for apple devices and also suite other smart device. the specialty of this company is the products made by this company is made up using WOODEN material.

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Even the case for iPhone is also made up with the wooden material and also speakers. The wooden material and color gives pleasant effect and best look to your device when your wear it or Stand on it in your room or office desk. Get fresh feel from natural touch.

Popular GroveMade Accessories: Wooden case, Dock and Stand

Let’s start and enjoy with GroveMade all in one wooden solutions for all apple Devices with style that’s perfect match your needs.

Versatile cases for iPhone 7 Plus/ 7: Walnut and leather cases

iPhone wooden case for iPhone 6 iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6

For giving the best protection to your iPhone and also best look then you must prefer this case. The finest material called vegetable tanned leather is used in the manufacturing of this case. The case also includes the wallet space so that you can arrange your cards and some money in that case. It will easily compatible with the iPhone 7.

Colors: Original Wooden, Dark Wooden and Black.

Compatible model: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s plus select model before purchase.

Mapple iPhone 7 back cases

Precious cutouts, Professional Wooden material case Perfect for all and Available for all models. It is completely made up by using natural material. The color of this case is light wooden which makes other attractive. It will consistent with the iPhone 7 models. Wooden color makes your device more beautiful and rich.

Grovemade iPhone wooden case – Browse your Case

Walnut Stands and Docks with Perfect Stand

Mobile Docks

Colors: Brown and Black, Brown and Golden, Light Wooden with Silver.

Compatible models: iPhone 7/7s, iPhone 6/6s plus, iPhone 5/5C/5S/SE.

iPhone Dock stand for charge

One of the most secure and Personal stand for your iPhone. Solid steel base gives extra protection on heavy push. Mobile docks are very useful for the protection and also for the good look of your table or home. It prevents from scratches and damages by soft hand placement. The best material called natural wooden is used for giving attractive look. Precious colors collections are also available in mobile dock.

Stand is compatible with Grovemade wooden case.

Pick Grovemade iPhone dock

Monitor stand: Walnut

Wooden iMac Stand and Other GroveMade Accessories

The GROVEMADE monitor stand brings your device more comfortable for you to use. It is only for the apple desktops and it can bear weight up to 200 pounds. The dimension of surface of stand is 14” x 9.2” and after placing your device then some space is also left so that you can set some small accessories on it. It is compatible with all the monitors. The finishing of this stand is done by using vegetable based oil for the best look of your device. The color of this stand is dark wooden.  

Beautiful Design and Perfect iMac Monitor stand

Grovemade monitor stand

Laptop or Macbook Dock

Macbook and Laptop stand for charging

It is the safer place to place your macbook when not in use or charging time. These types of docks or docking stations are made for the proper management or you can say for the protection of laptops. There is one more doubt in your mind is that it will prevents your macbook from scratches yes it will. The materials which are used in the manufacturing of this dock are aluminum, acetal resin, premium German wool felt and eastern hardrock maple. It is hand finished using vegetable oil and with the best light wooden color. The length and the width of this accessory are 8” and 3.25” respectively.

Macbook Docking Station

Laptop/ Macbook Stand

For the comfort purpose it is made for the laptop user so that they cannot feel bore while working on laptop. It is compatible with all the types of laptops and it can support the weight up to 200 pounds. The dimensions are taken by the manufacturer are the perfect for the laptop user so that they don’t feel any uncomfortable. The color of this stand is light wooden.

MAPLE Laptop Stand

Walnut Speakers and Amp: Great buy in GroveMade Accessories

Wooden Speaker with stand by Grovemade

Awesome speakers with the best quality of sound. These speakers are made up with the wood material and also having steel and leather. It is fully made up with the natural materials. There are two speaker of 25 Watt amplifier at 8 Ohms. Overall design and the quality of these speakers are excellent so that you don’t need any other speaker after buying these speakers.

Sound Booster Technology with beautiful sound, Wooden Speaker compatible with Apple Devices (Audio Jack connection)

Wooden Speaker

Above all is the precious money value GroveMade Accessories made by hand from wooden material. Feel Device like natural gift.

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