how do you rotate a recorded video on iPhone: Without Apps

3 Rotate video on iPhone or iPad without app

Habited iPhone, iPad users record video in any position (Horizontal and Vertical). Naturally, rotate video on iPhone and iPad give extra zooming effect and clear vision to the users. But some cases it becomes in different screen orientation look very ugly or Video strip with the black portion at both side of video while we see in landscape mode. This guide also helpful on rotate video on iPhone on 90 degrees, 180 degrees or 270 degrees.

Sometimes we need to rotate video for stream on Apple TV or other big-screen device or Other mobile platforms as well.

Using iMovie free iOS app from Apple and available in iTunes. Download and installed on latest iOS iPhone and iPad models. Otherwise, it’s reinstalled with latest iOS 10 or later version just search with the name of the app on iOS home screen.

You can try to handpick Best video editing iOS apps, Rotate, Crop and Set text and more.

Here’s How to rotate iPhone video: Without apps, Also on iPad

3 Rotate video on iPhone or iPad without app

#1: Open iMovie app on iPhone and iPad (Update app to get new features like 4K video)

#2: Tap on video and Browse all videos from photos app, See option for Day wise section, for easy search or import into iMovie as a new project.

#3: Now, Tap on Share icon (Square box with the upper arrow icon).

#4: Find “Create Movie” in sharing popup

1 Create movie and Rotate video in iMovie on iPhone and iPad

#5: Tap on Create New Movie

#6: Now, Video in imposed in iMovie app & Ready for the edit – Rotate on any angle.

Important (How to rotate a video in iMovie?): Rotate video there is no any tools icon, use Two fingers by adjusting on video and rotate both fingers on 90 angle direction.

Once you see rotate arrow on video, lift up both fingers from the screen.

2 Rotate and Save video on photos app in iPhone and iPad

#7: Tap on “Done.”

Next, See the Square box with the upper arrow icon on the iPhone screen.

Find “Save Video”.

3 Save video in HD resolution after rotate screen

Select video resolution 4k, 1080p, 720p, 540p or 360p.

That’s it now you can watch the video in full screen in portrait (Vertical) and Landscape (Horizontal) mode as well.

Rotate video offline

Inadvertently iOS users follow online video editing service and especially for rotate video only. But never give up, This tip is really to use all the time in future to you and your Friends. Share with them on your social profile.

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