Share & Run iPhone, iPad Game/Apps on M1 Mac, MacBook

Are you looking for a way to quickly Find & Run your iPhone, iPad apps, and Game on your M1 Mac? So here I am sharing Three alternate methods to Directly Download and install New iOS and iPadOS Games and Apps to Your Mac from Mac App Store that is running on macOS Big sure or Later model.

Without Upgrade your App Subscriptions or Purchase new Game & app subscription, Start using any previously purchased app from your iPhone or iPad.

Make sure that, Not all the iPhone and iPad apps on the Mac app store are optimized for M1 Mac. and you will see a Message for those apps like “Designed For iPhone, Not Verified for MacOS.” For that, you have to wait for the Developer update.

What MacOS Version Requite to Run iOS apps on MacOS?

  • MacOS Big Sur 11.0.1 or Later MacOS Version is Required.

Three Ways to Get iOS/iPadOS apps on M1 Mac, MacBook

Browse All Purchased iPhone/iPad apps on Mac App Store

Method 1 to 3: Re-Download from Mac App Store

  1. Open App Store on Mac.
  2. Click on your Profile name [At Bottom Left Coner of the screen] > Switch to iPhone & iPad Apps Tab.profile-name-on-mac-app-store
  3. Next to the app, click on the Cloud icon with the Down arrow to Download on your Mac.all-iphone-purchased-apps-and-games-on-mac
  4. Like your Traditional Mac app, open iPhone/iPad app from the launchpad or Applications folder.

Method 2 to 3: Share App/Game from Home Screen

If you don’t want to Search or Find the app from the Mac app store then here are techniques to share app from iPhone and iPad that is installed on your device.

  1. Go to your iPhone/iPad Home screen. Find the installed app icon on the screen.
  2. Next, Touch & Hold on App icon, you will see The popup menu.share-install-ios-app-to-m1-mac
  3. Select the Share app option. and your iPhone will see a Share sheet on the screen. Select AirDrop and Select your Mac’s AirDrop name. The app will open on Safari Bowser, and Click on View in Mac App
  4. That’s it. Mac will launch the Mac app store. Also, you will see The App is compatible with MacOS or Not Verified. Try on your Mac by download and install on M1 Mac.

Method 3 to 3: Share from iPhone, iPad App Store

As you found and Want to try on your M1 Mac, MacBook, Share App directly from your iPhone App Store. Follow the below steps to know the tricks.

  1. First, Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Next, Search and Find the app using the Search box or from App Store.
  3. On App’s Detail page, See the Sharing icon and Tap on it.share-netflix-app-from-iphone-app-store-to-mac
  4. Now, Tap on AirDrop and Select your Mac’s AirDrop name. The app will open on Safari Bowser, and Click on View in Mac App Store.
  5. That’s it. Your Mac will open the app in Mac App Store. Download, install & Run directly on Mac from Launchpad or Application folder.

Hope you enjoyed tips to Share iPhone, iPad Game/App on M1 Mac, MacBook.

Note: Sideloading Feature is no longer works with iPhone and iPad. So, We can not install the app directly on M1 Mac from iPhone or iPad using Third-Party Software like iMazing. That’s a great Privacy feature on the other side.

Can i Run iOS Apps on Intel Mac?

No, there is no official method to install your iOS/iPadOS Game and App to Intel Mac or MacBook. This is Based on Hardware Configuration on Mac, here are some technical details for the iOS developer to Deremint the iOS app is macOS Compatible.

So, Guy, I hope this article will make your App Searching task Easy on your M1 Mac installed on your iPhone or iPad. and Want to run those iOS apps on M1 Mac or MacBook.

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