How to Use or Scan QR Code With Chrome on iPhone 3D touch shortcut

Are you a Google chrome browser iPhone user? Here is a good news for you. An iOS chrome has been recently updated with latest reading scan QR code with 3D touch and redesigned tab switcher on the iPad version for Google chrome. Now iOS chrome users scan QR code without special QR code scanning apps. To access built-in QR code scan feature on iOS 10 chrome, you must have a 3D touch supported Apple phone (iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S Plus or iPhone 6S) and latest Chrome browser. If both things you’ve yet, though you can eligible to scan QR code without any third-party barcode/ QR code scanner applications. let know in this post, how to Scan QR Code With Chrome on iPhone.

There are two ways to access QR code on iPhone chrome browser. Let’s see at below. Note: first time you use, chrome will ask you, access your camera.

Steps to Use or Scan QR Code With Chrome on iPhone

Scan QR Code With Chrome on iPhone 3D touch shortcut

Step 1. Wake up your iPhone and download latest Google chrome browser, if you’ve not.

Step 2. Deeply forces touch (tap and hold) on Google chrome logo to launch actions.

Step 3. You can appear there are five options including new tab, New Incognito tab, Voice search, Scan QR code and Share Chrome.

Step 4. Choose Scan QR code to open up barcode scanning camera screen on iPhone.

After that, carry your iPhone in front QR/ barcode code to scan it.

QR scan code with Chrome using 3D touch on iPhone

That’s it.

Alternatively, you can also access QR code in iPhone Spotlight search. To do that, just swipe down from the half of the iPhone screen and just enter ‘’QR’’ in to the Spotlight search bar.

swipe down from the half of the iPhone screen Spotlight search bar

You will appear ‘’Scan QR Code’’, so that will switch you directly on Google chrome browser QR code scanner screen. it also provides flash feature to scan barcode in dark room, too. So at all this is such a great update for iOS 3D touch users.

Possible Fix if scan QR code on Google chrome won’t appear or not working on your iPhone, please make sure following information is ready in your case.

  • You should 3D touch enabled on your iPhone.
  • Spotlight Search needed Turned On, if you want to use through spotlight search.

Above both things are okay, then restart your device one time and start it again.

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