How to Fix Screenshot Not Working on iPhone, iPad – iOS 17.1.1

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A screenshot is not working on iPhone; that’s very upsetting news for you. The screenshot has become an essential part of our daily routine; whenever we find some error or important news directly, we save it as a screenshot to show others. Many users are facing this situation with the newly launched iPhone. However, few are saying they cannot see screenshot preview in iPhone or screenshot thumbnail.

Overall the primary cause is screenshot not working on iPhone. So what should we do now? We have collected five answers for you if the screenshot is not working on iPhone. Just start with the first solution.

After taking a screenshot of the iPhone screen, look inside the photos app. Sometimes muted iOS device not sounding or an internal bug doesn’t appear preview or screenshot thumbnail.

Proved the best solution on Screenshot not working on iPhone

Solution 1: Use Correct Side Buttons for Screenshot

Key Combination is Required Properly, and No Home button iPhone users can take a Screenshot with the Two Side buttons only = Quickly Release Press Both the Buttons [Volume Up Button + Side Power button] time. See the below picture.

Take a Screenshot on iPhone X or later no home button iPhone
Take a Screenshot on iPhone X or later no home button iPhone

Most Common Problems of Can’t Take a Screenshot on Apple iPhone

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If you cannot take a screenshot with the side button, keep a proper grip on your hand or Remove Case. Sometimes Hard Case cannot press the keys simultaneously, so people are activating the Turn Off screen or Activating Siri. I recommend using the Assistive touch button, which will help capture screenshots without the side button.

Use Assistive Touch: Screenshot Without Side Button

Are you uncomfortable in Press two buttons at the same time? Then, follow these tricks, Customize Assistive touch button or Virtual Home button for taking a screenshot of any screen. First, Activate the Assistive touch button on the iPhone screen, then Customize it for screenshots.

  1. Open Settings app on iPhone > Accessibility.
Accessibility Settings on iPhone
Accessibility Settings on iPhone
  • Next, Scroll to the Touch option on the screen.
  • Under the Touch option, Find Assistive touch > Tap and Enable Toggle for Assistive Touch toggle to green.
  • Assistive Touch Settings on iPhone settings app
    Assistive Touch Settings on iPhone settings app
    1. Scroll down and Find the double tap option, Tap on it and Select the screenshot action.
    2. Go back and Try on your Device.
    Set Virtual home button for Screenshot on iPhone
    Set Virtual home button for Screenshot on iPhone
  • That’s it.
  • Solution 3: Charge iPhone

    I have noticed that due to the low battery on my iPhone, I could not take screenshots. However, when your iPhone is low on battery, some functions might not work correctly, or issues like screenshots not working on iPhone XS Max arise. So try to charge your iPhone more than 60% and check if the screenshot is working as usual or not.

    Solution 4: Force Restart iPhone

    A force restart is a potential way to fix the conflicts between the applications and the iPhone. When you force restart the iPhone, it will clear the device’s memory and give a fresh restart; it will not wipe out any of your data. Once you restart the iPhone, try to take a screenshot, preview screenshot, and much more.

    • Step #1: Press and Quickly release the Volume Up button.
    • Step #2: Press and Quickly release the Volume Down button.
    • Step #3: Next, press and hold the Power button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.
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    Solution 5: Not Enough Storage on iPhone

    Quickly empty the storage near 50MB to save a new screenshot on your iPhone’s camera roll.

    • Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Find the options like Enable iCloud photos, Offload apps or Delete unused app or Data that consume GBs of storage.

    Solution 6: Try to take Screenshots using Assistive Touch

    Assistive Touch is one of the incredible features that the iPhone has. If you have an assistive touch-enabled, you don’t need any button to use the iPhone. And so Apple has removed the Home button from iPhone X, but with Assistive Touch personally, I don’t miss the Home button. However, we will see if you can take a screenshot using Virtual Home Button; if your screenshot is working with a virtual home button, try to take a screenshot using physical buttons.

    Solution 7: Use 3D Touch to Take Screenshots

    Still, if you cannot take a screenshot on iPhone, use 3D touch to take screenshots. 3D Touch was introduced with the Apple iPhone 6s and continued to the latest model. Apparently, iPhone SE does not have 3D Touch. Since we have this feature, let’s use this.

    How to enable 3D Touch?

    • Step #1: Go to the “Settings” app.
    • Step #2: Tap “General”.
    • Step #3: Select “Accessibility”.
    • Step #4: Select “AssistiveTouch”.
    • Step #5: Tap “3D Touch” and choose “Screenshot” from the list.

    Now all you have to do is long-press the Virtual Home button(Assistive Touch) to take a screenshot.

    Solution 8: Update iPhone

    Is your iPhone missing some important updates? This can be why your iPhone is not working problem and creating problems for you now and then. It’s time to update the iPhone and use the device with improved versions.

    • Step #1: Launch the “Settings” app from Home Screen.
    • Step #2: Tap “General”.
    • Step #3: Scroll down and tap “Software Update”.
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    Why are my iPhone screenshots Dark?

    Are your iPhone screenshots being very dark since the update or on the new iPhone 12 Pro max or iPhone 11? Don’t worry; make sure auto-brightness settings are turned off.

    Change Zoom filter Settings

    Open Settings App > Click Accessibility > Tap Zoom > Tap Zoom Filter > on the page, Choose NONE, instead of Low Light.

    Hopefully, You found a solution for iPhone screenshots dark.

    Second Solution: Why is my iPhone screenshot Black in Netflix or Facebook Video etc?

    we can say this is the temporary solution
    Let’s turn off HDR
    Open Settings App > Tap Camera> Tap Record Video> Tap HDR (turn off).

    That’s it.

    The above solution really works for you in the case of your iPhone Cannot take a screenshot. Then, you can get the help of Apple Support.

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