Secret iOS 17 Settings you should try once

The very first iPhone wasn’t occupied with many features, but today the iPhone includes hundreds of functions that you are unaware of. We usually focus on the settings and functionalities that are used by us in daily life. That’s unfair because after spending thousands of bucks on iPhone you must care to use all the features you can.

Today we will see what the secret iOS settings that you should try are? These functions are meant for us, and you should also use them. Let’s see the hidden features of the iPhone and iPad.

Top 10 Secret iOS Settings you should try once

  1. Enable Rest Finger to Open

Normally, when we want to unlock the iPhone or iPad, we usually need to press the Home button. Not if you turn on and try Rest Finger to Open settings on your device. Once you enable Rest Finger to Open, you will have just to place your finger on the Home button to unlock the device.

Step #1: Go to the “Settings” app on your iOS device.

Step #2: Tap “General.”

Step #3: Open “Accessibility.”

Step #4: Choose “Home Button.”

Step #5: Lastly you will see “Rest Finger to Open,” toggle it on.

  1. Screen Recording

You might not aware of iOS has already included the inbuilt screen recording function. Till date, we were using a third-party application to record the iPhone or iPad screen. Learn how to Enable Screen Recording on iPhone and iPad.

Step #1: Open up the “Settings” app.

Step #2: Locate and tap “Control Center”.

Step #3: Select “Customize Control.”

Step #4: Now, find the “Screen Recording” and add it to the Control Center.

  1. Create Custom Vibrations

Custom Vibrations are very helpful when you don’t want to pick unnecessary calls. When you create Custom Vibrations for a specific contact, then you can identify the caller. That’s how it works.

Step #1: Launch the “Contacts” app.

Step #2: Open the particular contact for which you would like to create “Custom Vibrations.”

Step #3: Hit “Edit.”

Step #4: Tap “Ringtone.”

Step #5: Select “Vibrations.”

Step #6: At the bottom of the screen you will see “Create New Vibrations,” tap on it.

Step #7: Now you can create and set the Custom Vibrations for a specific person.

  1. Enable Emergency Bypass

If you are expecting an important call but still want to enable Do Not Disturb function at that time, Emergency Bypass will work great for you. After allowing Emergency Bypass for a particular contact, you will receive the calls from that contact even if you have put the iOS device on Do Not Disturb.

Step #1: Go to the “Contacts” app.

Step #2: Tap the particular contact.

Step #3: On the top-right corner, tap “Edit.”

Step #4: Select “Ringtone.”

Step #5: Toggle on the “Emergency Bypass.”

  1. Duplicate Photos

Don’t want to take the risk of your gorgeous photo collection? Here’s the way through which you can make duplicate copies of photo and edit them. Duplicating the picture will keep the original photo, and so you can continue editing on a copy of the photo and delete them if you don’t like it.

Step #1: Open “Photos” app.

Step #2: Select and open the photo that you want to duplicate.

Step #3: Tap on the “Share” icon.

Step #4: Scroll the second bar to the left side.

Step #5: Choose “Duplicate.”

  1. Add Text Replacement Shortcuts

Do you like to send emojis made up of symbols? However, it consumes time to type and create the emoji now and them. But with Text Replacement Shortcuts, you can do it with ease. You have to write the text on the text box and tap on a suggestion to add that phrase or emoji.

Step #1: Launch the “Settings” app.

Step #2: Open “General.”

Step #3: Scroll down and tap “Keyboard.”

Step #4: Tap “Text Replacement.”

Step #5: From there you can add keyboard shortcuts.

  1. Calculator Trick

iOS calculator doesn’t have any clear button to delete the single digit. There is a way through which you can easily remove the mistaken digit without deleting the whole numbers. Here’s how.

Step #1: Navigate to “Calculator” app.

Step #2: Now, if you have miswritten any digit and want to delete that particular digit, yes it is possible.

Step #3: Swipe left to erase a single digit one by one.

  1. Use Timer to stop playing Music

Are you habituated to sleep while playing Music? Then don’t worry set the timer and get sleep without worrying about the battery of your iPhone or iPad. So when you use Timer to stop playing Music, it will stay the songs right after the timer ends.

Step #1: Go to the “Clock.”

Step #2: Select the “Timer.”

Step #3: It’s time to set the Timer.

Step #4: Tap “When Timer Ends.”

Step #5: Now, choose “Stop Playing” which is located at the bottom.

Step #6: Tap “Start.”

  1. Enable Reachability

Reachability is added in iPhone and iPad because the Plus variants of iPhone have a larger screen and people face difficulties while using it single-handedly. Using Reachability, you can reduce the size of the screen to half and use it with one hand.

Step #1: Navigate to the “Settings” app.

Step #2: Select “General.”

Step #3: Tap “Accessibility.”

Step #4: From there, enable the “Reachability.”

  1. Switch the apps

In case you have accidentally opened the app, then on the top-left corner of the screen, there is an arrow, tap on it. That arrow will take you back to the previous app, and you don’t need to double tap the Home Button to switch between apps.

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