Security and Privacy Settings for iPhone You Should Change Right Now

🗓️ November 10, 2020 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelNew iPhone models are the best Smartphone in the world, so it’s widely used for general to Banking purpose. We need to care about all time to save significant data that stored in the notes app, Mail app, Message app and many other. Also, some settings are given by Apple based on relevant ads. Manage or control on Accessible Useful data like contacts, Photos and more by Third-Party Access.

This guide is not only specific device or models; We can apply on all iOS 12 iDevices (iPhone XR, XS, XS  Max, X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6S/6S Plus, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 5S).

Essential Privacy and Security Settings on iPhone

Keep enable Find my iPhone

Find my iPhone helpful to find your Device quickly by sending notification about lost from other devices that signed with the same account.

Go to the Settings app > Profile Name > iCloud.

2 iCLoud Settings on iPhone 8 8 Plus and iPhone X

Find My iPhone > Enable Find My iPhone.

3 Find my iPhone on iPhone 8 8 Plus and iPhone X

Setup medical ID or Use in Emergency SOS

That accessible on the lock screen and contains your Name, Blood Group for a Medical purpose, Contact number with the relationship with you. That can help in case your device lost or Find My iPhone disabled; someone wants to return you.

Disable control center on the lock screen

New Single page control center now with more custom controls, that we can customize and add New controls shortcut of Wallet, Notes App, Accessibility Settings, Apple TV and more. It’s dangerous for us.

Go to the Settings app > Touch ID & Passcode.

For iPhone X: Settings app > Face ID & Passcode > Enable Face ID (App Store, Apple pay, Unlock iPhone)

4 Control Center Disable on lock screen on iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X

(Enter Passcode) Disable Control Center.

Read more, Why we keep disabled Control center on the lock screen?

Use Touch ID and Passcode for iPhone 8, 8 Plus and Face ID for iPhone X

Setup or add new touch Touch ID for use secure transaction and Apps access using fingerprints. Some apps are supporting to Touch ID right now, Use Touch and Passcode for compatible apps on iPhone, Note app and Other third-party apps like Dropbox, Drive.

Add Fingerprints on iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus

For iPhone X: FaceID is new ways to protect your iPhone Data and Device.

Setup FaceID on iPhone X

Set Privacy for Turn off access Data by Third-Party App

We can set privacy for Important data are Contacts, Reminders, Photos, Bluetooth Sharing, Microphone, Camera and Health and more.

Go to the Settings > Privacy. See the option and Set it for individual apps installed on your iPhone.

5 Privacy Settings on iPhone 8

Disable location service when not in use

Location service keeps track all the of your data for delivering good user experience and Ads based customer experience.

Turn off location service from main Settings, Go to the Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Turn off.

6 Disable Location Service on iPhone 8 Plus and Phone X


Are you keeping turn on location services? But want security on it to follow the below

Limit Ad Tracking: Go to the Settings > Privacy > Advertising > Enable Limit Ad Tracking

7 Enable Limit Ad Tracking on iPhone Settings

Stop Apple Advertises You: Go to the Settings > Privacy > Advertising > View ad Information.

8 Block Pop ups on Safari on iPhone 8 Plus iPhone X

Don’t use Public ViFi with Custom DNS for transaction

People are changing and using Custome DNS to bypass firewall and Blocked connection. That’s why I am recommending to all iOS device users, Naver uses Custome DNS for Wifi. If we are using that immediately change or set it to default.

Or Rest Network Settings, Go to the Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Use New Accounts & Passwords

In iOS, we have a separate settings option for manage all Website username or Password for Website visited or Used in iOS App.

Go to the Settings > Accounts & Passwords > App & Website Passwords.

Also, See the mail settings inside this option.

Don’t trust on Password saving and Management apps: Use apple’s official new “Touch ID and Password” in iOS.

Use Private Browser

Keer secure safari browser, Use Privacy Browsing for some phishing site, Enable Popup block on Safari

Launch Safari app on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. To start a new tab in safari (Tap on Multitab window icon > Tap on Private by “+” icon at the bottom).

9 Enable Private Browsing on iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus

Block Popup for Safari: Go to the Settings > Safari > Block Pop-Ups.

8 Block Pop ups on Safari on iPhone 8 Plus iPhone X

Don’t install and do iPhone Jailbroken

Jailbreak OS will lose all the security from the root of the device; it will change the folder layout on iOS folders.

Your Device is jailbroken, Remove Jailbreak and install the latest version of iOS.

Don’t use any Mac or PC for Backup or Restore

Use Own or your Friends Mac or PC for Backup or Update/Restore using iTunes

Keep installed best antivirus software

Disable Contact access by App under privacy and Permission

Do action inside analytics, Disable some settings that share data with Developer or Apple.

Antivirus Softwares and App

Now most of the Antivirus available for all the platforms. Here I listed the best Antivirus for iPhone, for protecting data and remotely care your device from steal and lost device anytime.

Come back here we will update new and Essential Security and Privacy Settings on iPhone. that will save all time from unusual activity by others.

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