How to Send Direct Message on Twitter iPhone, iPad App [Non Followers & Followers]

Last Updated on Apr 15, 2020

Personal message on twitter is one of the most secure communications ways just like other social media apps. We know that twitter is not a messaging app, So the message is not a primary feature of twitter. But we can use it at the right time as the most powerful hidden feature. Exemption in a sent message on twitter app is an amazing, single one to one message conversation, one too many message conversations (Broadcast message). Get all about Send direct message on Twitter iPhone, iPad app who is Following you or None Followers.

Prerequisite condition: You can send direct Messages if the option for Receive Direct Message is Enabled for None Followers. Otherwise, Recipients added for sent private messages must be followed you personally. If not then you don’t send a personal message. We can create a Public Conversation or Conversations in Group. Direct Message Allows to Send Images, Gif, Text, and Video. We can Post Live Photo on Twitter Tweet or Send in DM (Direct Message).

Also, anyone can send message to the group you created, or everyone can see all messages even if not follows to each other. Before adding recipients in your group, mind that any recipients can add the recipient’s own self.

In any type of conversation, anyone blocks you then you are nor in conversation.

Can I send Private message? Even not follow you on twitter!

Yes, Twitter business users can send message to anyone, even if they don’t follow you?

Learn, Steps for How to Send a Direct Message on Twitter iPhone [Single or Group]

  • Step 1: Launch Twitter app on iPhone
  • Step 2: Then tap on Messages tab (Envelop icon) from beneath screens. Next, from the top right corner Tap on the New message icon.

    Send a New Message under Envalop icon from bottom tab

    Send a New Message under Envalop icon from the bottom tab

  • Step 4: Then, Select recipients’ name by tap on the name, (More easily find search with the name from the search box). You can choose any number of recipients at once. Finally, Tap on Done.

    Select Twitter Profile and Sent Direct Message to Group on iPhone Twitter app

    Select Twitter Profile and Sent Direct Message to Group on iPhone Twitter app

  • Step 5: Now, Type the text message in a text box that you want to be Sent to All Recipients.

    Direct Message sent to Twitter iPhone app

    Direct Message sent to Twitter iPhone app

  • That’s it.

Send Direct Message From Twitter Profile: One to One Message

This is the Quick Method to send direct message from your Friend’s Conversation than Eighter following you or not following you. That depends on the Account settings. You can send DM because you will not see Envalop icon if set restrictions from account settings.

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  • Step 1: Open the Twitter app on the iPhone.
  • Step 2: Next, Tap on Twitter Profile to Open Twitter account.

    Open Twitter app and Find Twitter Profile for you want send DM

    Open the Twitter app and Find Twitter Profile for you want send DM

  • Step 3: Now, Tap on the Envalop icon next to the Twitter profile name.

    Tap on Envalop icon next to Twitter profile name

    Tap on Envalop icon next to a Twitter profile name

  • Step 4: Then, Type Message and Sent.

    Direct Message sent to non Follower on iPhone Twitter app

    Direct Message sent to none-Follower on iPhone Twitter app

  • Step 5: That’s it.

In addition to text, you can send animated GIF pictures, emoji and Picture from camera roll Photo.

Send direct message on Twitter iPhone, iPad app (For web also available) is really awesome for business ethics. That will meet or communicate with unknown business profiles from the whole world.

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