How to Send Emoji on Apple Watch using Scribble

Emoji is fastest growing in latest messaging trends, so user can describe own self more effectively in addition are you up-to-date with latest iOS and WatchOS then you will get more free emoji then earlier. Users experience on using scribble send emoji on Apple Watch is very easy and impressed All Apple watch users.

Apple Designed Scribble for auto detects your text/ Words and suggests emoji on same screen to replace your word with it.

Officially we can use it in iMessage, Mail and Message app. doesn’t need to install third-party emoji app.

Follow Steps to Send emoji on Apple Watch using Scribble

1 send emoji on Apple Watch in Message Mail or Chat

1: Open App (Message, Mail, Chat Applications) on Apple Watch, where you want use Emoji in text.

2: Open conversation or Mail from list or Create new. At the time you will see option of open Scribble screen on Apple watch.

3: Start typing word like iOS device, For the Specific word you will see matched emoji in list. Like Predictive Text on iPhone.

To use Emoji, Rotate the Digital Crown. By scrolling it, you can use emoji in the sentence.

Steps are very simple.

Want more custom/ standard/ Animated Emoji:

Depends on your App support with emoji type we can use on conversation.

Send Standard Emoji: just above the Scribble button on your Apple watch, Find Emoji button. Browse Static/ Standard emoji by scroll up or down using finger or Use Digital Crown.

Apple Added 153 standard animated emoji on WatchOS 3. (Update WatchOS), Swipe left from standard emoji pane, Find new Animation emojis pane.

Find more animated emoji by scrolling or Digital Crown. To send it, Press “Send” from top right corner of the watch face.

Be habituated with Find & send emoji on Apple Watch, and wait for more upcoming updates and new features on Apple watch features. Be helpful to others and learn about send emoji on Apple Watch with below sharing button.