Send iPhone text from Mac / Desktop: Access Phone on Desktop

Use iPhone as a desktop from your Mac. Most of the folks are trying to send text from desktop as a top priority not from iPhone or other Smartphone. Tiny keypad and slow typing speed should be hesitating when you are trying to send numbers of SMS/ Text from iPhone in short duration. Here is the very unique solution for Send iPhone text from Mac desktop or Keyboard. This time keyboard dock for iOS device now available in few dollars alternatively.

MyPhoneDesktop is the best solution for your query; Let’s see how it works and useful features.Send iPhone text from Mac, Windows and Linux

How to send iPhone text from Mac or Desktop: Call and more  

MyPhoneDekstop is available free for Mac, Windows and Linux system. But for your iPhone you have to download and install official app in just $4.99

Download Now (MyPhoneDesktop)

And also Download WebClient app for Mac, Windows or Linux

Features of MyPhoneDesktop app

Easy way to send mail, Text and Call directly from your Mac

Easy way to copy and paste text or send long SMS to other iPhone.

More comfort access URL or type URL in text.

Virtual iPhone access your iPhone functions from desktop

Select and drag functionality

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Able to send call using google voice

Compatible with all client OS: Mac OS X, Windows or Linux

Most of the app have been integrated already: Map, Google search, Skype, Stanza, Google reader and more.

Push notification alertMake call from iPhone using Mac

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In short this is the shortest way to access your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running on iOS 6, iOS 7 and iOS 8 on large screen and desktop keyboard and mouse.

This app is best in reviews and trusted by users who want to send iPhone text from Mac desktop, Windows or Linux OS.