How to Send Zip File from iPhone and iPad to Gmail and Google drive [iOS 17.1.2]

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Send and download and extract theĀ Zip file on your iPhone and iPad from or to Gmail, Dropbox, and Google drives on the latest iOSĀ running iDevice. Now you can send any file in the Zipping format using WinZip from iOS iDevice. WinZip recently updates iTunes to send Zip files after convert any file format to Gmail and Google drive also. For that WinZip gives an easy shortcut option to make any file compress to make the zip format. Then you have to upload it in Gmail attachment and Google drive for sharing as a Zip fileĀ globally.

Very simple to import files to your iOS device and with only a single tap you can do all files into a single Zip file. As well as cool to send between iOS devices and Mac using AirDrop, able to send on Android devices using the Xender app.

Moreover, a zipped file is very handy to forward iMessage, Mail App, Add to Notes, OneDrive, Dropbox, or to upload on icloud Drive everything very straightforward.

Tutorial to Send Zip File from iPhone and iPad to Gmail, Mail, OneDrive: iOS 15 or above

Step 1. Launch App Store and download iZip app to send and UnZip file to open the received compressed file on your iDevice. And Open Up the iZip app from your iOS device home screen.

This is a very popular app to download, Unzip files/ Open Zip files on iPhone and all iPad running the latest iOS and ipadOS.

Step 2. Next, under the iZip file tab, you can appear Files (all Zip files appear here), Photos (access your iPhone camera roll), Audios (access your iPhone music library), iCloud Drive (will import Apple iCloud drive files), Dropbox, Google Drive and related cloud Apps which is pre-installed on your iPhone and iPad.

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Note: Some of the advanced features are only available on the pro version. To access that, you will have to pay to upgrade the app.

In the Free version, you will get Photos, Audios and iCloud Derive files Zip and extract files free of cost.

Step 3. Make a Zip file to send in Gmail, Mail, or to Google drive. Next, Choose the Zip file and tap the Share buttonĀ that appears on the bottom bar between zipping and Open In options.

Step 4. Now you will get an action sheet to send Zip file from your iPhone/ iPad to others.

Thatā€™s it.

Note: Here I share the whole idea on how to use the iZipĀ app on your Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. From this tutorial, you can easily convert or send Zip files from iPhone and iPad to Gmail and Google drive.

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