Setup and use apple pay on Apple Watch through iPhone: iOS 8

Apple’s wallet without wallet concept vary clear on make payment only through apple watch, alternatively you don’t need any other apple device or confirmation on another device. And more apple watch also care your account by Passcode for successful purchase. But first time you can start apple pay on apple watch through iPhone 5 or later (iPhone 5C/ 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus or later upcoming iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S and iOS 8 or later – iOS 9).  Apple pay one of the most stunning app concept compare to other built in Apple Watch apps and in all 38 faces.

Apply pay on iPhone smoothest way to payout payment before apple watch release, But now Apple watch is more comfortable who want make payment in pay on Apple Watch through iPhone from iOS device

Let’s start get idea of apple pay on apple watch, also setup through iPhone and Use of apple pay.

How to setup and Use apple pay on Apple watch through iPhone: iOS 8, Watch OS

Step 1: Go to the Apple Watch App from iPhone, and launch it.

Step 2: Next, Tap on Passbook & Apple pay,

Step 3: Add new card manually by choosing “Add a new card” then “Capture iSight camera to store debit card” or add manually card details.

Step 4: All added card from your Apple ID to Watch App automatically use from Apple Watch when you login with same apple ID. From there you set default card for primary use, otherwise choose any using switch option.

Note: Most of the top USA bank card accept apply pay, Although before use card check your card supporting apple pay or contact your bank if not working.

Most of the Store supporting apple pay, so way we miss chance to use and recently increasing number over time very speedy.

Now, How to use Apple Pay on Apple watch through iPhone

At the purchase time Move wearable device (Apple watch) to apple pay reader device. Over the air contact less payment very secure because before pay you have to enter Passcode and after payment done you will see true sign at the bottom of apple watch.

What you say about apple pay on apple watch, and how your experience setup and use on purchase use Apple Pay on Apple watch through iPhone. Have you any query and tips then share with us.